Weeknd Shenanigans/Misc Monday

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty swell.
Linking up again with Sami for WS, and Carissa for MM.

Let's get started!

Friday, I spent the morning relaxing and watching TV:)   I watched Killing Kennedy, which I had recorded the other night (the previous Sunday), and it was really good!!! I made my favourite drink of this season. It is even better that what Starbucks can make; Eggnog, hot chocolate (I will share the recipe that I used), coffee, Irish Cream Creamer, and cream. It is DELISH!!! I went out to get my flu shot, and ran some errands. I got our paychqs, and paid some bills. I went to DQ, as I was craving their onion rings. I looked through my mags, and then ran some more errands. Came home, and relaxed for the rest of the evening. We had supper (Anker made taco salad..yum!), and watched the news, and then watched "Twilight:Breaking Dawn PT1", which was...interesting. Anker went to bed, and I watched "Identity Thief", which was actually pretty good. I went to bed late. As usual.

Saturday, I slept and I met up with the girls for coffee at Starbucks. We had a nice visit, as usual. I made a quick trip to the library, then came home to meet up with a lady who was buying some Avon stock from me. Ended up relaxing and watching some Grey's Anatomy (I have three seasons, and I want to get more, but I have a few out of the library right now). I went off to meet a friend for coffee, at you guessed it, Starbucks:) (even I need a break from that place for a while!). Had a nice chat, and did some window shopping. Came home and ended up watching Gatsby (another good movie), and had leftovers.

Sunday, I went to church, thinking that I had to help with Sunday School, but I didn't need to in the end, so I joined in on the rest of the service. I grabbed McD's for lunch, and came home, and watched more GA. I also watched Blue Valentine, which was a very odd movie. I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, and then I baked some brownies for the evening, and I went to my friends for a girls night. We watched TV (she has American Netflix), and ate a wonderful yummy soup! I am not a huge soup person, so when I meet a soup I love, well, I want to share it. She called it Taco Soup. We then dyed our hair. Let me tell you, if you have never dyed your hair at 11 pm on a Sunday night, you should!
I was having a shower at 11:30 pm, trying to wash out the dye from my hair (making sure the water ran clear). I love the new colour! I didn't end up taking up the brownies for the evening, as they weren't done by the time I left, so I kept them for Anker. They weren't quite done (we tasted some this morning) so we put it in the oven for another few more minutes, and I ended up icing it today.

Here are a few pictures from the wknd:
                                                       My Christmas Coffee ingredients.
                               My finished project. Yes, this morning was a PJ morning.

                                               My friends taco soup! It was very good!
                                                               My iced brownies.

This morning has been very quiet. I watched a couple of JFK Documentaries, and Amazing Race, and FB'd, and made some phone calls about appointments, jobs, etc. I rand out to do a few errands (after doing dishes), and came home and finished the Letters to Jackie Special. I was very moved by it, actually.

The hot chocolate powder recipe that I made on Friday turned out well. You can find the recipe here.
The brownie recipe is amazing (other than having to cook it longer that it states), and is seriously the EASIEST brownie recipe ever! I just  now found it on this blog. It is the same one as I made. It does call for walnuts, but I didn't have any, so I didn't put any in, and it tasted fine. The icing is from the same book, and very easy to make as well. It is even better if you have some coffee. My November Chatelaine issue came today. It has a yummy pizza on the cover, that I may try making. 
This nasty looking picture has been floating around the Net all day...
                                                         What do you think that is??


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