Happy Sunday!!! This is a bit of an extension of my Five on Friday, because there were so many things this week that I am loving/thankful about/for.


1. Capture you Grief Photography Project. 
Yes, I am so behind, I am ahead, but I am STILL determined to finish (or at least do more days) from this.

 2. FOJTTN Project.
I am determined to do this photography Christmas Project next month.

3. Blankets/Throws.
There is nothing quite like laying on the bed or couch with a throw or blanket watching TV, and/or cuddling with your hubby and pet:)
                                   I bought this red throw a couple of weeks ago. Love it.

                                          I bought this throw from Avon last year. Love it.
                                          And yes, the Canucks are our favourite NHL team.

4. All things Christmas.
Magazines, cups/mugs, solar characters in the car, socks, Christmas movies/commercials, lights/decorations, candles (I will be doing a TToT dedicated solely to Christmas), and drinks.
                                                    Starbucks Eggnog Latte...Yummy!
                                                     Christmas socks from Walmart.
                    These lil solar guys we got from the dollar store. Aren't they cute?

                  I got this towel, oven mitt and pot holder from the dollar store. They all match!
                            I started my first batch of Christmas baking last night. Yummy!
                                                            Christmas Coffee:)

                                                 Some of my Christmas Candles.
                                                           Christmas mugs.
I went to Starbucks to grab a White Chocolate Mocha (not a Christmas drink, but still good), and read up on my Christmas mags.

I have already started watching some Christmas movies:) A Christmas Carol, and a couple of TV movies:)

5. My hair colour.
I dyed it last Sunday, and I really do love it!!!

6. My Winter Boots.
Hubby got me some new boots for me at/for Christmas last year. Ones that I had been one wanting. You know, the ones that go over your calves; the really cool kind. Well, he was a sweetie, and got them for me, but they didn't fit. My legs were too fat for the boots. Well, I returned them, and I got some ones I really like.

                                      Yes, I have them on my stove for the picture. So sue me:)

7. Friends that give me tops like this one.
My neighbour gave me a few really nice tops the other day.
It's actually a summer one, but I really like it. I am one that never really revolves my wardrobe winter/summer. I don't wear pants or socks in the summer, and I usually wear more long sleeved tops and sweaters in the winter, but other than that, that is all I do.

8. My new purse (for only $8!!).
I don't know how I managed to forget this for/on FoF, as it was on;postID=5841366719829623300e of my favs things of the week. I got this purse at Walmart for only $8! I had seen it a few weeks earlier for $12, but I really didn't know if I wanted it or could really afford it. When I went on Weds, I saw it for $8, and I HAD to buy it. Also, my wallet that I got a couple of years ago for my bday (from hubby) also kind of matches.

9. My FB App.
When I wrote about it on Friday, I was about to delete it, but it seems to have sort itself out, and it is working. I actually love it.

10. The warmer/cooler weather.
We were into the -20's (c). Now we in the -3C/5C. At least it doesn't make you want to move to Florida. I know it will get cold again, though.
  10.1. A week off btwn (I hope!!) jobs!
 Yah, it sucks financially, and it even gets a bit boring, but I DO love not having to be anywhere at a certain time; or having to go anywhere.  I am just enjoying watching tv/movies/dvds, and relaxing, Facebooking/blogging, etc. I am also trying to get our house cleaned up for Christmas, so that we can get our tree and more decos up.

That is all for this week! Have a great Sunday!


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