Five on Friday/Random 5/SUYL-Reading Lists

Happy Friday, ya'll!

Yes, I am still around:) Just haven't been much into blogging lately. I have a few posts that I have going around in my head, which I hope to share with you this weekend, along with CYGPP, so be prepared for multiple daily posts.

So, without further is this wks 5 on Friday.

1. I cleaned out several places in our house this week, and I will be doing more. I attacked our closet, and our bookshelf, plus I gave away (and threw out) several items in our kitchen. The feeling is better than a health/cleanse detox, let me tell you!! Here are a few pictures that I took.

Our new clean bookshelf.

This doesn't look clean, but it really is better than it was.

I took out 5 bags of stuff to give away.

We each have a bin. There is junk in that bin. I don't care, since it is in there, and I can't see it.

2. I Skyped with my lil sister, my niece and nephew this week. Oh, and their parents too. Such fun! (FYI, I still have stuff embedded in my computer from downloading the "bad" Skype..eek) I have actually been connecting lots with family this week. My mom is away, and my dad is lonely, so we have chatted a few times.

3. Girls night (in)! Last Saturday, my neighbour and I had a girls night in. I didn't take any pictures, b/c I didn't feel like it. We had fun, though...Walmart run, then we came back and watched WNTW, and I introduced her to Extreme Cheapskates. Oh, and we had yummy food! Oh, and we looked at magazines, too:) I came home around 1 am (thankfully, I had an extra hour of sleep that night). Speaking of magazines, there is another Celebrity Magazine out there..called Closer. I bought it for .25. True Story. Tonight, we are celebrating a friends bday at our other friends place. I love girls get togethers!

4. I met up with my aunt and uncle for coffee the other day, and besides the great visit that we had, after they left, I spent the afternoon in/Ch@pters reading magazines, and books. SUCH FUN!!
These were only some of the magazines that I had looked through. I had looked through a few earlier by the magazine rack. I am so glad that they still have chairs.
5. Christmas has come to my favourite place:)
Last Saturday, I grabbed an Eggnog Lattie and a breaky Sammy!

I love their Decorations/window art/motto this year. I had to take a picture of it. I still kind of wish that they would wait until after Nov 11 to bring out the merchandise, but I have no problems with them starting their drinks early:) McD's also has their drinks. I had a Peppermint Mocha the other day, which was good.
5.1. Snuggle/TV dates with hubby. Yes I know TV dates aren't the best, but at least we are together:)
The other night, we watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory. We had fun snuggling on the couch cuddling with kitty. We also watched the BC Lions game last Friday together (I am not a huge FB fan, but I will watch when "we" play). We also had a Border Security Marathon the other night.
Linking up with Nancy

1. BIG CHANGES this happened this week! That is all that I will say for now.

2. We got snow the other day. Nice. It is early for our region.
On our car.

On the green space at our complex. At least the snow is gone now.
3. Having a bad/sad day? Google Rob Ford, and instantly your day will get better. True Story.
4. I still have problems putting on/in a poppy. They either prick my skin, or come off, or both.
5. I am about half way through Season Three of Downton Abbey. I am going to write the writer. I do not like him/her. LOL. It is a great show, however. I may have to ask Santa for all three seasons for Christmas:)
This week, is Reading Lists:)
As I think I have mentioned before, I go through time (up to months) without reading, then I will read, read and read for months. It is a very odd pattern, but I guess it is normal, right?
Danielle Steel-Winners. I love her books. I never buy them in hardcover, I usually get them from the library, then I usually buy them in soft cover (and usually second hand).
This was one of the last books I have read. I also read Nights in Rodanthe, and Sarah's Key.

I have shared this picture before. The left one is my mom's book, and the right one I am still half way through it. Both are excellent.
I also want to start on A Walk to Remember, and I have a couple of WW2 books that I may start.
I think that is all for today (or at least for this post). Have a great wknd.


augcott said…
I really enjoy visiting and reading your posts.
So much to hear about! :-D
Okay......we could be good friends......Eggnog Latte!!!!
Peppermint Mocha!!!!
Have an awesome weekend.
Tracie Nall said…
I haven't made it to Starbucks for an holiday drinks yet, but that is on my todo list for this weekend. I'm loving their holiday signage, too. Very nice.
Hi April, looks like you had a busy week. I am in cleaning mode too but to be honest didn't get much done today.

Love the red cup it's getting to look a lot like Christmas!!!!

Hope you have a great weekend
Bianca Avelino said…
Found you on Bloppy Bloggers! I really liked your post. I too did a decluttering of my house last week & while it's not 100% better, it's come a long way. Like you said, it's very detoxing. I haven't made it to Starbucks yet for the red cups. Guess I'm just in denial since it still feels like summer out here!
Rose said…
You sound busy, busy, busy. One time in my life I did not read for a while. Other than that, I read some....every day of my life since I was about 7 or 8 years old. Some days I read more than others, but I always have a book in the process. I feel naked without one. Even if I finished one this morn, I will feel naked till I start one.
Nancy Claeys said…
Great job on the decluttering! Something I really need to spend more time doing.

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