The Sunshine Award!

I was nominated for the Sunshine Award! I feel so special. This is my second award for which I have nominated.

Sky-Ann nominated me for the Sunshine Award!
Here are the rules:
Include award logo in a post or on your blog.
Link to the person who nominated you.
Answer questions about yourself that the person who nominated you asks.
Nominate bloggers to receive the award. (make sure to link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs letting them know you have nominated them)

 My nominees are posted below as well as the questions I created for you lovely bloggers to answer.

Here are the questions that were given to me....

1. Do you have a Christmas tradition? If so what is it?
Every year, our family (my parents, and whoever is there) gets up around 7, and has communion, and promises that they will do either a selfless act for someone (make siblings' bed for a month, help mom in the kitchen, take kids out (mom/dad) once a month) or something that will enhance our life; reading the Bible more, volunteering, etc. We have done it every year for 20 years. Dad reads the Christmas story/then resurrection story, and we have communion, and light a candle.

2. What is your holiday favorite beverage?
Eggnog and Christmas coffee.

3. What is something that you are thankful for?
My family and my health

4. What is one thing you can't leave the house without?
My phone. (yes, sad, I know. I am now "one of them".)

5. What is currently on you ipod or in your cd player?
I don't have an iPod. LOL. In my CD player in the car is Mariah Carey's Hereo CD. In our stereo at home, I have Casting Crown Christmas/Wow 2013/Third Day-Miracle/ Point of Grace, and one other one I can't remember.

6. What is something that we don't already know about you?
 Not sure...LOL. I found out yesterday that I have diabetic (foot) nerve pain.

7. If you are on Pinterest, what is it that you are pinning lately?
Christmas stuff...duh:)

8. If you could go on any reality show, which one would you choose and why?
The Amazing Race. I love to travel, and it looks like it would be fun.

9. What is your favorite social media, facebook, instagram, etc?
Facebook. I love IG and Twitter, too, though. But def FB.

10.What are you current favorite reads? (can be book, magazine, blogs, etc.)
People Magazine, US Weekly, well, pretty much any ladies/young womans/cooking mags. I am looking forward to reading The Christmas Candle as a short Christmas read soon (I already have it out of the library). The Help is one of my favourite reads.I actually may re-read it. my questions for/to my nominees:

1. What is your fav. holiday (christmas/bday/thanksgiving, etc) and Why?
2. Who is your fav. singer/band?
3. Who is your fav. actor/ress?
4. If you have/had a "girl crush", who would it be?
5. What is your fav. food?
6. Where do you live (State, and country only)?
7. What/who is your fav. blogger? (please provide link)
8. Are you a Cat or dog person?
9. What is your LEAST favourite house/yard chore?
10. If you could go somewhere for a month (all expenses paid), but you could only take one person, who would it be? Where would you go? (ok, that's two questions.

Please also join me and go to Sky-Ann's blog to congratulate her on her new baby GIRL!!


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