Misc. Monday and Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Monday! And of course, let us remember who those who fought for us:) May God Bless you all!

I usually also link up with Life Lately, but Blair doesn't seem to be doing it this wk, and the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop is happening on Tuesdays now.

First, thanks to everyone who came and visited my blog. When I link up with Kelly, it seems that I always get a lot more views. So, thanks again for those who came and visited, and for those who left lovely comments on my blog:) Ya'll so nice!

So, on to my (our) wknd,

Friday was an odd day, and it kept feeling like it was Saturday, as I wasn't working. (more on that in another post). I don't even remember what I did. I hung out and relaxed in the morning, and then I went to the library, get grab some new magazines:) I grabbed a coffee and snack at McD's, and then came home. I drove to my friends, who then drove me to our friends for our other friends bday party! We had such a wonderful time! I didn't take any pictures, because I didn't bring my camera, and I didn't feel like it, but you can trust me that it was great fun. The food was lovely. Our friend cooked everything; ribs, cabbage rolls, tater tot casserole, and creamed corn. Yum. I had too much, as usual. She bought the dessert from a local bakery, which I am going to have to check out. I have never actually been there, but will have to try it sometime, The torte she got was amazing! I wanted seconds:) It was a fun visit, and we were there until almost 11 pm. I got home around 11:45, after picking up my car and seeing my friend dog. I pretty much just went to bed.

Saturday, I don't know what I did...I think I just relaxed and watched TV (some DA, I think) and picked up Mom from the airport. She took me for lunch, where I ate something healthy; a turkey burger and veggies n dip. We had a nice time together, getting caught up on he trip, and general talk. We went back to the store, to start getting ready for her book signing, and then grabbed coffee at Starbucks. We just sat for awhile looking at magazines, then we grabbed a few things for the evening. Dad took Anker for supper, and they had a nice visit, too. We went back to the store, to do the final touches for the evening. Only one person came, which made us all disappointed. We all had a fun time, anyway. We had a nice chat, great coffee, and lots of laughs. We cleaned up and Anker and I came home. We just spent the evening at home. I FB'd, and watched TV (JJ, I think). I think I watched an episode of DA, but I honestly can't remember.
I love how our church honours the soldiers.

Sunday, slept in and relaxed, and spent time with hubby, then I went to church. I came home and FB'd for a bit, and had a nap. One sad thing did happen on Sunday afternoon; our beloved BC Lions lost in the CFL Semi-Finals. Hubby is very sad. Went out for coffee, which I found out was free, and I read magazines. I had a hot chocolate with Eggnog. It was ok. I grabbed some supper from McD's, and came home. I watched TV, JJ, and Amazing Race. I watched the second to last episode of Downton Abbey.  I am sad I am almost done this season. I can't wait until the new seasons starts over here:)

Today (yes I will include this in my WS, as it is a long weekend here), I slept it. I have been so tired lately. I think it has to do with my eating too much sugar. Anyway...I went to McD's for coffee (which turned into brunch) with the girls. We had a fun time, as always. I came home and cleaned house, and now we are watching movies for the rest of the day. I connected with some family members, which is always nice.
My odd breakfast this morning.

Canada Remembers.
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Some Misc/randoms:
Tomorrow, all bets are off for Christmas stuff. I will start putting out decorations (actually, I had some out from last year...), and I will start listening to Christmas music at home and in the car.
Our TV Cable service has now got Christmas Music playing on two channels. Yay!
Someone has to make a poppy that can stay on your person, without falling out or pricking your skin,
The snow that we had is gone. I am glad. I hate driving in the snow.
We only have 3 movies that are about WW 1 or 2. I thought we had more. I got a few movies from the library, that we may watch today.
Anker is still dehydrating. He did apples the other day. Yum.
I am going to dye my hair this week. I have had some hair dye that I got a year ago, and because it is a darker shade, I haven't used it yet. I also want to cut my hair. I am tired of having the same hair style. I may cut it into a bob...but not too short, because I don't want to look like a boy. I look terrible in short short hair.
I just did various stuff this wknd; watching TV, blogging, going through my Avon stuff. It was a pretty low key wknd (well, other than Fri and Sat nights).
I also gained (I think) a couple of more Avon customers:)
I was a good girl and only gone ONE magazine this week. I got Woman's World, which is the cheapest one.


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