Five on Friday!/Random 5/SUYL-Bloggers Connect in your Area

Yes, I am on a blogging roll! I thought I would do it now, because, I am in the mood to blog:)

First off: Five on Friday!

 1. It's candle season! I love candles, but especially at Christmas. It also helps heat up the house. And they look pretty!
 2. I am apparently getting my Canadian Living Magazines Subscription now. I got November's issue yesterday, and December's issue today. I am expecting my December issue of Chatelaine soon.
 3. Starbucks has their 2-4-1 deal going on this weekend. Buy one Christmas drink, and get another one for free. Works for me!
 4. I actually bought this a couple of weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to share this. I have been wanting to get a red throw for our bed for awhile now, and I found one at Jysk`s that was $15. I bought it. I love it. End of story.
5. I don`t have a picture, and I know this sounds silly, but I am loving my new GUM toothbrush. You know how most TB's are really hard when you first start using them? Well, not this one! I actually want to brush my teeth now. And for more than 3 seconds.

I am not sure if Nancy will do this this Friday, but I thought I would do it anyway.

1. Christmas is all around us, and I am happy. I have already spent a few hours at a few stores looking at their Christmas displays. I love going to Michael's this time of year. I haven't played any Christmas music yet (other than at work), but I am sure it will start  up soon:) I love the Christmas commercials, the Christmas movies, both of which have started coming on tv. Our cable carrier has already started playing the Christmas music on a couple of channels.

2. I have already mentioned this, but I am loving Duck Dynasty. What a bunch of funny guys!

3. I have had three interviews this week. Looking forward to seeing what's in store for me (us).

4. I watched Man of Steel last night with hubby. It was ok...nothing spectacular.

5. I am excited to make hot chocolate mix at home; similar this one. I will add artificial sweetner instead of sugar; you know, because I am so healthy like that:)

This wk on SUYL is all about connecting with bloggers from/in my area:) I dont know if I will find anyone who is from Canada, let alone, B.C, but it is fun to check out others' blogs anyway:)


Tanya Breese said…
i didn't know there was a canadian living magazine! i'll have to tell my daughter about that starbucks deal, she loves her some starbucks! i love candles too!
i have never heard of that Starbucks deal?? i wonder about it around here? happy weekend. ( :
I am sure that SBX US will have the same deal sometime. Yes, I love CL mag.
Nancy Claeys said…
Great candle collection -- I do love burning candles this time of year.
augcott said…
Hhhmmmm.....makes me wish I liked Starbucks' coffees .... not a fan!
I love candles too! The more, the better!
diane @ aug's blog

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