Capture Your Grief Project; Days 11, 12, 13 &14

Yes, I am STILL determined to finish this project:)

Day 11 Emotional Triggers: What triggers emotions associated with grief for you? Is it the weather? A scent? Photos? Places? Holidays? Words? Certain people?

There are a lot of emotional triggers that are associated with my grief with our infertility. Holidays, seeing pregnant ladies, and seeing pregnancy announcements, are the worst, I think. What kind of a picture could/should/would I post for this?

Day 12  Article: Have you read an article about grief that you would love to share with everyone? Maybe it is something from Still Standing Magazine or a blog post from your favourite blogger or writer. Please feel welcome to share who wrote the article and how the article resonated with you and also the direct link to the article if it is online.


Day 13 Book: Have you read a book about grief that helped you immensely in your journey of grief? Please feel welcome to share the book and links to where it can be purchased so others can find it.
The one book that we have partially read (we aren't a real "reading as a couple-couple"), is "When the Cradle is Empty. You can find the link to it here. I would love to buy it. It really is one of the best books about infertility that I have ever read.

Day 14 Family: What does you family look like now? Is it just yourself carrying your child’s heart in yours? Do you have other children? A partner? A pet? You may not have what society perceives as a family but we all know that just because you cannot see any children, that does not mean that they are not a part of your family.

We have one cat, KitKat. It is hubby's cat, and altho the cat is a bit of a pain, I really have grown fond of him. And of course, there are the two of us:)


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