Five on Friday

 1. New Hair Colour
 I dyed my hair on Sunday. I love it!!! I used Avon Hair colour, #565.5.
2. Christmas Socks
I got some new Christmas Socks at Walmart the other day (and new I love 'em!!!

3. Bit Strips
This is the new App on FB. You make an avatar of yourself, and you make comics on post them on your wall. The jury is still out on whether I like them or not, but it is new, and I like new:)
4. FireFox
I had to upload this as my new search engine. I wasn't so sure I would like it, but I do:)

5. Skyping with BeBop
I Skyped with Bebop yesterday (albeit for a few mins). He is so sweet.  I miss him (and his mom and dad) so much!

5.1. Attacking our House
I had/have had enough of the mes that is our house. I (and hubby) attacked our house in cleanliness yesterday. We will (hopefully) do some more today. I love a clean house! We didn't do a lot, but what we did do was great!

5.2. Christmas, Christmas Everywhere!
Christmas is in the store. Christmas commercials, Christmas Movies. Christmas Drinks! Christmas Decorations! Love, Love, Love! We even got a Snowman Solar character for our car!

....and a few things that I am NOT loving this week....

1. The FB Mobile App.
I messed up everything (passwords, etc), on my laptop, which made FB on my phone mess up. So, I had to upload the FB app (I was just using it on thru thru the Net on my phone; I had uploaded it before, but it used up too much of my phone's memory, so I deleted it). Well, the first day it was ok, but now I can't upload pics, and it won't even upload (the newsfeed).

2. My (broken?) toe!
 I dropped something on it the other day. It hurts. Like Heck. I think I just cracked it. At any rate, it hurts.
3. The cold weather.
It is COLD for November in these parts! It it has gotten colder than this. Down to -22C. True Story. And we have snow.
4. Having to bring out the Winter Wear a couple of weeks early.
I usually don't bring it out until Dec 1. I was forced to pull everything out last night. That being said, at least I have cool boots to wear now (I got them last year for Christmas).

5. Waiting for to see if I have a job or not.
I am about 99% sure I have a job. I just have to wait for my Dr's office to open, so that I can get a Medical Clearance Form, so that I can start.

5.1. Having only $20 until Payday (6 days away).
Perhaps I shouldn't have bought new sock and undies???:)

...and just because I are are a few more of my loves this week...

1. Duck Dynasty!
These guys are hilarious! Anker and I have started watching them, and we always laugh at every episode!

2. I am getting BOTH of my Canadian Living and my Chatelaine mags now.
                                                         November and December CL.
I love these magazines. I didn't think I was going to get Novembers Issue of Chat. but I got it the other am just waiting for/on December's.

...and that is all for this week!


Kung Phoo said…
Those are great friday actions..
augcott said…
Ouch to the broken toe!
And Blech to snow!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
diane @ aug's blog
April said…
"Attacking" the mess is so descriptive! I'm trying to motivate myself to keep up with the housework by participating in a yahoo group where you reward yourself with points ( and if you meet your goal, a reward) for tasks completed. I'm hoping it will help me keep up and not fall so behind.

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