Thursday Randoms (in the form of letters).

I have seen Friday's Letters floating around, and I thought I would try to for today...I have a lot of random things floating around in my head, so I thought I would so a post this way...

Dear Oxford Dictionary:
Do you really think that "Selfie" needed to the the Word of Year? I think it should have been "Twerking". Just sayin'.

Dear Duck Dynasty:
Thank you for being our new favourite show. We both laugh at every single episode.

Dear Snow, Wind, Ice and cold weather:
Thank you for coming early. None of us are prepared for the cold weather. I also have to get out my winter stuff early. That being said, at least Christmas has now come to our house. And I am loving the candles I have out.

Dear Rob Ford:
Could you please do all of us a favour and just step down? Trust me, you would gain more respect from us than if you continue on.

Dear Smoothie Ingredients:
Oh how I love when I have all of you in my kitchen. You make breakfast a bit more easy.

Dear Facebook App:
I am not sure I like you anymore. I have had to re-add you, since I was having problems getting on FB through the internet on my phone. You have change. I can't seem to upload pics anymore. We may have to break up.

Dear Avon Ceramic Measuring Cups:
You sure do pack a mean punch if landing on my toes.

Dear the Gap:
Thank you for still allowing me to fit into your clothes. Thank you for coming to our town.

Dear Santa:
Would it be possible to send your elves to clean up our house, so that it will be Christmas-tree ready.

Dear Trainstation (game on FB):
I am not sure if I like you yet. Hubby plays it, so I wanted to try it out for him...the jury is still out on this one.

Dear Blood Glucose Sugar:
I don't understand you. When I eat sugar, I have low BgS, and when I don't have much, I have a higher reading. I don't get it.

Dear Starbucks:
I love your GBL this year. Yummy!

Dear Jobs that I have Applied For:
Please let me know ASAP if I have a job with your organization. I need some cash. Preferably by Nov 29th. The payment for my Student Loan starts at the end of the month.

Dear People Magazine:
You got it wrong (again) this year.  I do not agree with your choice this year. Adam Levine as SMA? You could have done way better!


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