Did God Turn Away?

As I have said before, I have a few blog posts that are going around in my head;) Right now, I will just save this, and publish it maybe on Monday. I am getting a bit tired of linking up every week, with every link up, so I might just go "solo" for a while:)

Ok...on with my post.

As we are at the start of the Remembrance Day Long Wknd, my thoughts have for obvious reasons, have turned to WW2, and the current wars being fought all over the world.

The Holocaust bothers me. It isn't that I don't think it happened. I know it did. I just don't understand why God allowed sinful men (and let's face it, women) to "take over" Europe, and in essence, did horrible things to innocent people. People were killed, pregnant women (among others) endured "experiments", families were torn apart, all in the name of what? Power? "Religion"? Because they were Jewish, homosexual, black, and who knows what else? They were starved, beaten, abused, women and young girls were taken advantage of (and probably men, too), left to stand for hours in the rain, cold, snow, and heat, all to see how "tough" they were..

Did God turn away when all of this was happening? Did He not care? Could He not stand to see the pain and hurt and the sin? The part that hurts me the most was the children that were killed. Yes, the adults, too, make me sad, but it is the children that really make me, well, mad. I don't understand. Actually, I take that back. The entire Holocaust makes me mad. NO ONE deserved to be treated like that. There were people in communities who had Concentration Camps right outside their door, and didn't do anything, nor did they care. Why did He allow so many people to die? And for what? During Pearl Harbour, the bomb on Hiroshima, among other events during the time, did God turn away? Why did innocent people get killed along with the attackers?

I KNOW God did some amazing things, and used some mighty people during the war (and course, in the wars now). Look at what Corrie and Betsey ten Boom and Irena Sendler did, among others? He used them to save thousands of children, and families, allowing them to escape, or hide in their houses. And for that, I am grateful. I know God is using people now. I know that we will hear some amazing stories in heaven about how God used people. But while we are on this earth, I just don't understand how there can be so much violence from/through war.

Did he turn away when the children of Syria had the chemical burn a few months ago? Why does He allow things like this to happen to innocent children? (Of course, there are other times in life when I don't understand God allowing kids to be hurt and neglected, and abused, but I am making this more of a war-related post, so I am just sticking with events related to that in this post)


Pamela Weir said…
In God's eyes, sin is sin. If he "stops" one sin from happening, he would need to "stop" all sin from happening. Where then would be our free will? He allows the tares to grow among the wheat until the final harvest. Then the tares are torn up and thrown into the fire and the wheat is harvested.

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