Weekend Shenanigans/Tell Us Tuesday

Hello, Fellow Bloggers!

Yesterday was a bit of an odd day, so I didn't get time to blog. I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Friday, I spent the morning relaxing, then went to run a few errands. I went to Starbucks armed with Christmas magazines from the library, and I enjoyed a nice hot drink, whilst reading:)
I came home and started cleaning our fridge. It took a couple of hours. I hate cleaning the fridge, but it looks so much better; both inside AND out! I had to rush out, as I was meeting a friend downtown for a ladies home business/craft fair evening. I had thought that it had started at 7, but I messed up on the time, and it started at 5 (I hate the 24hour clock! Thanks, FB!). In the end, we couldn't have left any earlier, anyway. We parked at her work, and walked a block to the craft fair, which was a bit of a disappointment, as we thought there would be more of a program, but I saw some ppl I knew, and it was fun to browse. We were hungry, and we went to McD's. The food and fellowship were really nice. I came home around 9 or so, and just hung out. I think I watched TV:)

Saturday, I had a nice sleep in, and FB'd, and watched TV (can't remember what I watched), and I made cookies for a friend (and for us, too). I made the gingerbread cookie dough, then I headed out to meet up with a bloggy/FB friend of mine. I forgot to take my camera, and I even forgot to take pictures of us on our phone! Oh well. We had a nice visit, and it was nice to meet her kiddies.

I ran errands, and came home and finished baking the cookies (hubby was sweet and started them), and I found some Diabetic Sugar Cookies on Pinterest. They turned out really well, despite my not having any brown sugar, no cake flour, and my corn syrup was one big lump, and I had to use honey instead. You can find the recipe here I visited my friend/neighbour, and we watched stuff on NF, and visited, and had cookies and eggnog/coffee.

Sunday, we had great plans on going to church, and then going to the SPCA Craft Fair, but hubby wasn't feeling well, and I didn't feel like going alone. So, we stayed home and watched movies:) I did manage to go the library (the downtown library is open on Sundays over the winter..love it), to pick up my holds. I grabbed a snack at McD's on the way home, and I came home and we watched the Grey Cup (CFL). I finished making cookies, made some icing, and iced some of the cookies, and went to visit my friend for a bit, then came home and watched Twilight, Breaking Dawn Pt 2.

I am meeting up with my boss today to give her back the keys for the store. I am also meeting up with mom and dad for a few minutes. Today is another kind of lazy day, but I am not complaining. I hope to have most of this house cleaned up by the wknd. Hubby is doing pretty well in/with his part. I am still waiting for sure to hear back from the job; re: a few things. I hope to know for sure by the end of the week.


Christmas cookies!!!!! I am craving sugar cookies now. great post. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. If you would like to participate here is the link with the details. Questions and rules are posted on my blog When I get more time will have to catch up on your blog.

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