Tell Us Tuesday (two days late)/MidWeek Randoms: Laptop Update, Duck Dynasty, and Chicken Caccicore

Hello! Yes, I am still alive:)

I also need to do a Capture your Grief Post, and I also see that BBTB is up again! SOOO..lots of posts coming up:)

First off, let's do the buttons/link up sponors

I am linking up with Courtney @ One Fine Wire for Tell us Tuesday, and Megan @ In this Wonderful Life for Mid Week Randoms (which I haven't joined up with in a long time). Wild Card Wednesdays has ceased to continue, which is of course totally fine, but now I have another link up to join in on!

A couple of a weeks ago, when I downloaded (fake)Skype, I also downloaded some nasty and annoying viruses. Ads were coming up when I knew they shouldn't, and it would direct me to surveys, etc. Annoying. Anker tried to get most of the stuff out, but there were still a few that had found their way in.Well, the last straw came yesterday, when I couldn't get into Blogger!!! I know, right?!! Anker tried to help me fix it, but then he realized that I should just change my browser to FireFox. No more problems. I am so happy. I have had to learn how to use FF along with Windows 7. Thankfully, it is pretty easy. So, no more IE for me!

Oh my word! I must be the last person on the planet to watch Duck Dynasty! I love that show! Not enough to go and buy the entire series, but I really do think it is hilarious, and I have the early seasons on hold at the library. What a funny, funny family!!! Like Big Bang, I think I like it because they live a different life than me. They are so different. I actually kind of got interested when I saw Korie on the cover of Guidepost a couple of months back. I loved the article, and that piqued my interest. Then we got a book in the store that one of the guys wrote, which I took a look through. I had no idea that one of the guys is a preacher:) Anyway, I have watched a few episodes already, and I have laughed at all of them. So, yah, that is my new show!

And I finally finished DA season 3. I am so mad that Matthew died. Arrgh! I have seen a spoiler for season 4 that a friend posted on my time line today, and I am not happy with their SL`s from what I have read:( But there will be a Christmas Epi which will air in December., now it is cooking lessons with April:)

As I have said before, I am not much a cook, but every once in awhile I come across a recipe that looks fun and easy to make. So, when I saw this recipe for Easy Chicken Cacciatore, I knew I wanted to make it (esp since we had most of the ingredients).

                                       The recipe IS really easy, with very few ingredients.
            It called for 8 skinless boned chicken thighs, but I only had 4 skin on and bone in.
                                                     Flour and brown the chicken.
 Fry onions, garlic, Italian seasoning, green pepper in pan. Add Tomato paste and diced tomatoes. Oh, and chicken broth. Let simmer. Re-add the chicken, and let cook and simmer for about 20-40 minutes. (depending on if it is bone in or not).

I was a bit disappointed in it, as it was a bit burnt and there wasn't enough sauce (granted, I only halved it, so I could have added more), but it was good other than that. Anker liked it, and he is a picky eater, so that is the main thing:) I served it over pasta, which was very good!


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