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I have come back 5 times and edited or added stuff to this post!

Does anyone else think that this week was long? I was a day ahead all week!!! It wasn't a bad week, just long. I think I work all or most of the day tomorrow, but still...Yay! It's Friday!!

Happy Friday!

I gotta say, that I wasn't that happy that the SUYL blog hop didn't go last week. Grr! Oh well. It is on there for next time:)

I haven't been blogging much lately. I just have felt that I haven't had a lot to say, plus I needed a bit of a blogging break.

First, though, I am up to 23 followers! I have decided to also do a draw for an Avon gift, as well as giving a gift to the 25th follower. So, please...follow away!!!

Let's get on with today's post...
1. I finally downloaded Skype. I can finally chat with my nieces and nephew, and of course, my sister.
2. Weather that looks like this!

3. We got paid yesterday and today. And with that, came Starbucks Coffee and magazines.

I had fun last evening relaxing and reading these babies for a few minutes:)
4. I am back to reading books again. Well sort of.
They are both short and easy to read. I am half way through TCA, and I have started on the book on the left, which yes, is my mom's book. Both are excellent.

5. My Avon Christmas Bundle came the other day. I had SUCH fun opening it up:)

Yes, more stuff...

Not all of this came in the bundle, as this is some of my stock. But some of these did.

This didn't come with the bundle, but isn't adorable? Blown glass:)

                                                  Christmas Measuring Cups

Blinged out winter wear.
A Smart Phone Case. There were also a Tablet and a Laptop Case.
A Tennis Bracelet.
Did I mention that all this stuff cost $150? I can make the payments over 6 wks. The cream alone is nearly $40:) I am going to keep about half the stuff, and I hope to sell some and give some away as gifts.
 5.1. Dehydrating Fruit. My hubby has had some hair-brained ideas, but I have to admit, this is awesome..He has dehydrated grapes, apples, bananas, and plums. Yummy!!!

Dried Bananas.
5.2 Christmas Drinks start at Starbucks tomorrow. Although I don't agree that they should put out the Christmas stuff until after Nov 11, I am not against the drinks starting up early!! I am so stoked about this! No doubt I will be grabbing one tomorrow before work.
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1. I started on season three of DA this week. I love it. I hope to get the rest of it watched this weekend.
2 I don't have a picture of it, but last night, hubby and I had a date night. We had super at McD's, and then he took me to Archery at the church. He had gone years ago, but he has wanted to start going back. I had fun, and I may be going next week. Jennifer Lawrence may have competition for the third Hunger Games movie, just sayin'.
3. So, I downloaded Skype the other day, but like the moron that I am, I downloaded it from the first site I saw, thinking that it was the Skype site. So, I got all sorts of viruses (I did finally DL from the correct site). So, I know have a sick and slow computer. Grrr!!! Thankfully, Anker has cleaned it up some, but I am still getting pop ups, and sent over to sites that I had not wanted to go, not to mention, all of my sign ins on my pages are wiped Thankfully, I have a password book!!!
4. I did Skype with Rosebud the other morning. She is so sweet. She loved seeing our kitty.
5. We have heat on at work again. This makes me very happy!
5.1. We didn't do much for Halloween, and to avoid the trick or treaters, we left for our date, but we did get a free pumpkin (carved!) from last wks FFF, and hubby put some lights in it. I didn't get a picture, but it was pretty sweet!
5.2. We don't do much for Halloween usually, but holidays like this always make me a little sad that we don't have little ones. Especially when I see pics on FB/IG of kids in their costumes:) That being said, I hope that everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!!!

                                        Here are some random things I saw on FB today.
More randomness....I need to clean my house. I have been putting it off. We also have to go grocery shopping tonight...should be fun, since have to buy pretty much
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Mis Anthropy said…
I wondered if those dehydrators really worked. Nice post!
christmas n starbucks now... i will b stopping n for christmas gifts soon. ( :
Maggid said…
Are You An Avon Lady??? - or, is it "representative" now . . . You certainly have a lot of Avon Gear . . .

I enjoy reading your blog . . Starbucks Christmas??? Where have I been?

Happy November to You!!!
Nancy Claeys said…
It's been years since I ordered any Avon -- looks like you got some goodies there!
Love dried out fruit!!! Hope your having a great weekend
Maggid...yes, I am a Rep now, and I love it! You may have a virus on your site, as I went there yesterday, to leave a comment, and it kept looping:( Or it could my computer, too..I am having problems with mine. Yes, Starbucks CHrsitmas started TODAY!!! Sky-Ann, yes, my favs are the apple chips! Yum!!! Nancy, yes,I love Avon..a little TOO much..haha
April said…
I have s dehydrater that doesn't get usec much. I've hever tried gra9es. Seems like they would take a long time. I like apples the best.

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