Sunday Social

Yes, I am still alive. I am hunkered down in/at a Starbucks on a rainy Friday evening, tackling this like it's a college/university essay or something, cause I am SO behind (like 4 or 5 posts!) and I am working all wknd!!! I have felt that I NEED to actually get out of the house and do a post or two...not sure why...maybe because when I get so behind, it feels like work? goes the first of a few posts..
 Linking up with Ashley for this (or rather LAST!!) weeks Sunday Social.
1. What was your college major? Did you ever change majors?
Hard question as I went to Bible College for one year, then went to get my diploma in Medical Office Assistant, then I went to University in 2012-2013 to do my Community Support Worker Certificate. So yes, I guess I did change my major.
2. What is the best purchase you’ve made lately?
I accidentally bought After Bite Gel (vs the regular stuff), and I love it. Do gas and groceries count?
3. What is something silly we don’t know about you and go…
Silly?  I really love birthdays, and I think they should be a national holiday. I also love the FB game TrainStation. Like, really love it.
4. What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas, but I do love still get food, but the traevelling isn't as stressful, and you don't have to worry about gifts. Plus, it's pretty. Did I mention the food?
5. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Depends on the day. If I have to wake up early, it is to hit snooze and fall back to sleep. Then I check my phone. If I don't have to wake up early, then, I still check my phone. Oh, and I pull off my sleeping machine mask if I haven't already taken it off earlier in the morning.

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Next week’s questions
1. What is your favorite genre of music?
2. What is your favorite genre of movies?
3. Do you watch eality TV? If so what was the first show you remember watching?
4. Who is an actress you’d want to be BFF’s with?
5. Who is an actor you’d be happy to be stuck on an island with?
Have a great Sunday!


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