Happenings/Random News

Brace yourselves, folks, you could be in a for a long post!

I will try to make this short, but alas, I am a wordy person, so I will probably make this long..eek!

Family News:

I don't usually post family news, b/c for one, I know they like their privacy, and it's not my place to tell everyone, but I won't use names, and no pictures will be used.

My oldest brother (younger than me) and his wife and lil girl have moved to BC. Yay! They are also going to have another baby in the new year. I am gonna be an aunty again!!! I am so excited.

My next oldest brother are moving back from Ontario to come back to BC. Yay!! I will get see my lil nephew again.  He (my brother), also JUST finished his MASTERS in Social Work. We are all so proud of him.

My lil sister is moving far, far away to be a midwife. That makes me so sad :( But I am happy for her. She will do awesome, I know!!


A couple of weeks ago I attended my friend Clara's bridal shower. She marrying my friend's (from the church) son at the end of next month. It was held at her parents' house, and it was a great evening.
Here are some pictures from that evening.

 The food was amazing!
 Our (mostly!) non alky drinks.
 The cake. It was marble-filled.

The cupcakes. I didn't take one. I had the cake instead.

 I thought was cool. They tied up whatever this stuff was to the poles, and to the lights.
 The tiki bar..or whatever you call it.
 The bride to be!
 The gifts!
 Clara opening her gift from me. I got her a chocolate fondue and a door mat.
I loved their pool!!! The party was held right near it. I thought for sure someone would fall in, but no one did.

Last week V was going to be town, and wanted to hang out with me. Naturally, I said yes. Cause I am a cool big sister like that. I didn't take many pictures documenting our day, but I did get a few pictures, and I will gladly tell you what we did.

I picked V up at Value Village. We did a bit of shopping (she HATES clothes shopping..SO not a 20 yr something girl at all in that regard...lol), that she had to do, and we decided to go to the local park/beach to soak up the sun before the clouds came in. We were only there for an hour, as it was getting cold (the river was FREEZING), and we were getting hungry.

Next we went to our local coffee shop now turned cafe. I have been there a few times, but she had never been and she had always wanted to go.  Red Beard Roasters is a locally owned and operated coffee shop, and we all love it. We each had a sandwich (actually the one I had wasn't that great), and coffee drink. Oh, I did have a root beer in a wine glass. Cause I am classy like that.

After our lunch, I took her to Menchies, which / where I had never been before, but I had always wanted to go. It was very good.

So good, in fact, that I went back yesterday to grab one. Just try keeping it under $8. I dare ya!  Went to Target, the mall, and then drove her back to meet our SIL who was driving her back. I went to a comic book store, partly b/c I never been in one) ok, I went to another one also downtown, but I didn't stay long), and also b/c I watch BBT, and I wanted to act/be nerdy. I actually bought hubby a couple of comic books, too! Met up with mom and our friend (they were in town, b/c our friend was having a cataract surgery, and asked mom to come with her) at a local restaurant, and helped mom finish her dessert. I ended up staying the night with them in the hotel. It was actually quite nice. I did my own lil manicure, and had a great sleep, and then Mom and I went for a swim in the pool. I met up with my aunt at the dog park, where we had a great visit and breakfast.

Hubby got approved for disability! Yay! I am SO happy!!! The other day, I decided to have myself ad day of fun, other wise known as What April Does on a Regular Basis. Anker and I went to the Farmers' market in the morning (where we found berries, and greens, and pie, oh my!), and then I ran out and grabbed something to eat, met up with mom and dad for a few minutes, and grabbed a slurpee, and then headed for the park. I had clouded up, which I was bummed about, but it actually got quite nice.
Ok, I lied. It was a Screamer...ice cream and slushee.

That same evening, I met up for a (late) chat with my aunt. I bought her some pies that I had found at the market. The evening was SO beautiful! I had to take a couple of pictures.

And last night had me sitting at Starbucks starting on some blog posts. I only got one and a half done before I had leave (they close at 10). So, I am actually finishing this one on Saturday night after 11 pm!


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