Canada Day Long Wknd/First Camping trip of 2014

I am a few blog posts behind, I realise that. Now that I am on a few days off, I thought I would try to catch up (including some link ups...yay!!).

I had to work CDay, but we decided to go to my parents' place for a few days. We kept waffeling btwn going and not going, and which day we would go, etc. Saturday 28th, Anker wasn't feeling well, and the weather was blah, so we decided to try and go the next day. I ran out to do a few errands, and went to a coffee shop to journal, and by the time I left, it had gotten really nice, so I came home and asked Anker if he wanted to leave. He was feeling a bit better, so we packed up and off we went. Sadly, the weather got worse as we headed North. We got there around 7:30. After saying hello to everyone, and doing a few adjustments (the tent was already set up, as Anker was there a couple of weeks prior), and making a fire, we had Veggie Dogs, Chips and carrots. Yum! Oh, and I had a late night mocha.

Mocha by the fire. Yum!

I am at home nursing a BAD sunburn, and I thought today would be a good day to stay inside and do some blog posts (was going to do it anyway), and keep cool.

Slept pretty well that night, and was actually warm, despite the coolish weather. Went to church the next day, and ran to Clearwater to grab some last minute items that we forgot. Spent a semi-relaxing evening. I visited with my aunts (one was visiting from Calgary) and watched a movie with the family. Oh, and had a nice supper of shrimp and rice.
Monday, Mom Vienna and I had a nice girls day in Clearwater. It was the last one before she goes far, far away, and I am SO glad I went.  We went to Lacraya Golf Course which we had never been to before. Sadly, the restaurant was closed, but they did say that they had sandwiches and hotdogs, and their iced tea was good. The day was great, and it was fun being someplace new. I had a turkey sandwich and potato salady, which was meh, but the convo was great, and we had fun buying stuff in our little town. I bought some sandals for Anker, who hasn't had any nice summer foot wear in forever. I am very proud of the sandals I bought for him.

That night we had a yummy dinner of steak and corn on the cob. So good!
...and of course we had to have s'mores!
Monday night, we went to bed around 10.

Woke up early Tuesday morning, had a quick breakfast, and packed up camp. My parents were very kind to let us keep our tent up for a couple of weeks. We what I call "semi camp" in my parents' back yard, in part so that I can use my sleep machine, and if there is ever a fire ban (which there wasn't this last time), we can cook meals.

Here are few more pictures from the weekend:

We left around noon on Canada Day, as I had to work. It was a lovely trip back. The weather was hot, and there wasn't a lot of traffic heading South, and I dropped hubby off, and went to work. I was SO tired when I came home from work, that I pretty much just went straight to bed. I didn't even watch the fire works. So that was our Canada Day 2014.


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