Oh hey, Friday, and a Recap of LAST Week

Ugh, I am so behind! I have been busy with work, and family, and of course, a sick hubby. The girls that host Five on Friday are taking a break for the summer, and I found another Link up:) I was going to do it Friday, but I just didn't get to it, so I thought, I would do it today. I know, I am late, but hey, who cares, the link is still up, so why not!!

I thought I would do my recap (from what I can remember of it), in the form of the Friday link up.

I am linking up with Karli and Amy for Oh Hey Friday link ups!

1. Treat Receipts are back!

On Monday, I bought a few things from Starbucks, and they informed me that the TR's are back. I may or may not have gotten 4 drinks later in the day. 

2. Beautiful Sunsets

I don't know what it is, but I am LOVING taking pictures of sunsets lately.  I took a few pics on my phone of a sunset from my aunt and uncle's balcony. Monday evening, my friend and I went to the beach to give her dog a run. After grabbing drinks at Starbucks, off to the beach we went. It was GORGEOUS. I had never been to that beach before, and it seriously felt like I were at the ocean. SO beautiful, and windy. It was warm, but not too bad (it had cooled off). We sat and visited, and I played in the sand. I also got some pictures. Here are some that I took.

 If I didn't know where this was, I would have thought this was in Europe. I love this shot!

                                                              Starbucks in the sun!!!

3. Heat Wave

We have had a tremendous heat wave last week. It hit 40.7C at our airport last Sunday.
It has cooled down a bit, but it is supposed to get warmer again.

4. Birthday Party

I worked Tuesday night, and I slept Wednesday.  On Wednesday evening, my friends from church met a local restaurant for we girls who had bdays this summer. I was told not to bring gifts, but apparently, not everyone else got the memo, so I got some lovely gifts;; McD's gift card, Starbucks GC, and jewellery.

 You can't see it well, but I had a salad, and crab rolls. Yum.
Two of us shared dessert. Yum.

5. House Hunting.

Well, not for me, but I was asked my my brother and SIL to look at some places for them. They didn't take what I looked at, but at least it helped them make a decision. I relaxed all morning, and went HH, then went to Tim Horton's for a snack and coffee.

6. Virgin Caesars At Work.

One of our coworkers brought in ingredients for virgin Caesars while we are at work. I made mine a bit too spicy, but it was still good.

I think that pretty much sums up my week. I went out A LOT (McD's and Starbucks), spent time at the library, and worked.


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