Currently (Another Link up)

I am pretty sure that I have done this link up before, but I don't remember having the host blog as one of my (many!) blogs that I follow. Anyhow...I just love link ups :)

Linking up with Jenna for this weeks Currently!

Thinking about: A sad case in Calgary, AB about a little boy and his grandparents who went missing two weeks ago, and they are now considered dead by Calgary City Police/Alberta RCMP. So sad.

Listening To: Not really listening to much right now. I can hear the news, and people outside/cars, etc. As far as music goes, I am loving Brad Paisley's River Bank, and whatever is on the radio.

Watching: Whatever is on TV. I am loving the Amazing Race Canada, The Young and the Restless, and I got Call the Midwife Season 2 from the library today. Yay!

Thankful for: Cool places to escape the heat. I am also thankful for my job. I love it!

Reading: Blogs, and Danielle Steel's new-ish book; Winners. Love it. And loads and loads of magazines.


becky17joe said…
Prayers for the family in Calgary. I hate hearing stories like that.

Have a good weekend!!

Stopping by from the link up. -Becky with Choose Happy
Emily Davis said…
A Canadian friend of mine has been lamenting the heat on FaceBook.
Praying for the Calgary family. How awful.
oh - stopped by from Currently.
I will sign in with my old Google Account, but I am if you want to stop by. Blessings.

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