SUYL-Canada Day (July 1st) Traditions

I am linking up with Kelly for this (almost LAST) weeks, SUYL- 4th of July Traditions. Well, since I live in Canada, I asked her if I could share what we do for CDay, and she sweetly said yes! Because I worked all last wknd, and I am trying to do my blog posts in order, I am just now getting to this post, well, now.

Growing up, we really didn't do much for CDay.Being on a farm, and being far away from a large city, we didn't really do a whole lot. In the last few years, however, my parents have gotten more patriotic (and so has the country), so they usually do something (even if it is just flying some flags at the ranch), in recent years. As we kids have gotten older (and married), we have planned BBQ's wiener roasts, picnics, etc. Since Anker and I have been married, we usually have done something. If we are in town, we will either go down to the park and wander around, as there is/are always things going on down there, followed by (or) watching the fireworks. The last few years, we have either been camping or at the ranch.  You can read what we have done in/for previous CDay's here, here, here, here, here, and here. And this years post you can find here.

One thing that Anker and I have done nearly EVERY year that we have been together/married is get Canada Day T-shirts from SuperStore. We have skipped two years, including last year, as we didn't really have the money, and when I did go and try to find them, they were no where to be found. Another was probably we didn't get them was probably due to money.

I will try to post them in the ORDER that we bought them (if I can remember), not necessarily the year the pics were taken.
                                    2007 (yes, I had one, too, but I wasn't wearing it in this picture).

                                                                 2012 (or 2009, not sure)
                                                             2014 (mine is to the right)

It looks like (by process of elimination) that we didn't buy tshirts for 2009 and 2013, which does seem right. Unless it was 2012 or 2013, which also kind of sounds right. I am wishing that I had written the year on the back of the tshirts. Sadly, I only have TWO left now,  due to stains, rips, and them being too small :( I had kept a few for PJ tops, but I was looking for them the other day, and I couldn't find any. Oh well.

Here are Anker's shirts. I don't remember which/what year these were...but probably 2008/09, or 08/12.

Another tradition I/we have is to watch the fireworks. Sadly, however, this was the first year I/we hadn't done that, b/c of me being VERY tired (and not being able to see them from our balcony.

I also try to wear red and white a few days prior (or over the wknd). I DO have a lot of red tshirts. Sadly, I don't have a lot white, but I do have white/cream coloured sandals and underwear, and I did wear my Canadian socks last wknd!

I also buy something patriotic it eat. This year, it involved Red Velvet cupcakes which I ate two days later.  I also bought (and have the last couple of years) Maple cookies (which we can get year round anyway).

                                                       Not the greatest picture..
I also have a pair of Canada Day socks, but I can't seem to find the picture of them at the moment. They are cute, though.

So, those are some of my/our traditions that we do every July 1st! (I will say that I am pretty sure that this is the first CDay that I have worked, at least in the last few years).


Natasha said…
I just found the Joe line of Canada shirts this year and I definitely got myself one! We also had a red and white dessert (strawberry and cheese pastries) but I really like the idea of adding maple cookies to July 1! Yum!
WOw..just this year?? I think they are fairly new, though. Are they Joe Fresh? Anyway...they are them!

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