Heartbreak and Anger

Today I am filled with heartbreak and anger over a case in Calgary, AB over a little boy and his grandparents. If you are unaware of the story, just type in "Missing Boy in Calgary", you should get hundreds of of hits.

Today, they have charged a man with murder of the three. I am so outraged right now. Maybe it because it is in a town where I used to live in. Or maybe it is because it is involving a child. Or maybe it is because it is such a weird case. Very few stories affect me this way.  Trust me. I am made of stone. Ask my family.

For those who are unfamiliar to/of the story, Nathan who is 5 went to his grandparents for a sleepover, and when his parents came to pick him up, all three weren't there. They have since re-arrested the man, and have considered the case a homicide, even though they haven't found the bodies.

I hate stories like this. They really pull at the heartstrings. Another stories that had (still has) me all riled up, was a story about a young man who was abducted and raped for days. The guy got two years. True story.  Anyway, that was another story that really got me upset.

But getting back to this story. They have for over two weeks. All of Canada has been in an uproar about this story. We are all lifting them up in our thoughts and prayers. This is sad, and it makes me angry.


JenniferH-ece said…
April, this has hit everyone pretty hard I think. It is such a senseless thing to happen. For me it brings back memories of a boyfriend who was murdered and his body was never recovered (although they know where it is just not recoverable). As we are on holidays in the area it is on my mind constantly where is little Nathan and his grandparents! Hoping and praying that they are still found. I just can't understand how the man responsible won't tell the family.

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