10 Things of Thankful

Yes, it has been awhile, but I wanted (and needed!) to link up with my TToT friends.

1. Anker finally got approved for disability,

Actually, this happened a month or so ago...but I am still thankful.

2. More shifts at work.

LOVE my job. Am happy that I am getting shifts.

3. Our Anniversary Weekend

Well, it's our Anni today. Seven years! We are doing exciting things like going for dinner. Cause we are wild and crazy like that.

4. Sister Time

Spent some time with Sister while/when she was in town. She is going Far, Far Away soon, and that makes me sad.

5. New TV Shows

I am really liking "The Audience". Better yet, it is a BC-based show. Also, "Who do you think You Are" is back. Love that show!

6. Nutella

I feel sad for people who don't know this exists. I bought white crusty bread and Nutella (the real stuff, not the fake stuff, thankyouverymuch), and had raspberry jam with it the other morning. Pure heaven, that is. I don't like Nutella ALL the time (like on waffles), but I do like on white crusty bread.

7. Sleep

That is all. I am thankful that I can sleep (for the most part) during the day while/when I am on night shift. Some people can't. One of the great things I do love about not having kids.

8. Last Minute Plans

As per a couple of posts back (i am too lazy to post a link), my friend phoned me and asked me to go out for Sushi. Yum! Still not sure if I am a fan yet, but I love the last minute plans I can make, again, because I don't have kids.

9. Repreave of/from the hot weather.

This past week it has cooled off/down significantly. It was muchly needed.

10. It's going to get hot again.

And now it's gonna get hot again! Camping anyone one (yes, even despite the fire bans).

Linking up with Dyanne, and Liz.


Yay! You made it!
Love your silver linings in this post, even though they may sometimes be painful reminders as well.
I seriously do not understand how people work night shifts and sleep during the day. But I'm grateful for the ones who can, especially when I'm hospitalized :)
I also love that you were too lazy to post a link. You're my kind of people!
Happy anniversary!
Christine said…
Happy anniversary!
I refuse to eat Nutella. Not because I think I won't like it, but because I hear about so many people who love it and some who crave it. I don't need anything else to crave. :)
Susan Zutautas said…
Happy Anniversary, Hope you had a great time!
Zoe Byrd said…
happy anniversary!!!! what a great list ... each time I read one I went all gooey ... oh yeah! NUTELLA!!!!! So many cool things I forgot... glad you made it!
The A Team said…
Thanks everyone! The funny thing about Nutella is that I don't crave it ALL the time...haha. I will have it, then I won't for weeks at a time. That being said, I would love some today, but am trying to stay away from it. Our anni date was good...i will blog about it..haha

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