Oh Hey Friday!

Linking up with Karli, and Amy for another FUN edition of Oh Hey, Friday!

1. Flash Flooding.

Wednesday, we had a HUGE downpour, that caused MAJOR flooding in our town. I didn't take any pictures, but if you go our local TV station's Facebook Page to see the damage. It took me over an hour (close to an hour and a half) to get to work, and it normally takes a half hour. True Story. Our apartment didn't get flooded, but our neighbours apartment did.

Ok, I DID take a few...
 From our apartment. You can actually SEE the rain coming down.
 This actually happens a fair amount (the rain blowing through like this), but it seemed like it was a bit more than usual.
 Yes, there is water here.
More rain.

Thankfully, I didn't have to drive to work while it was raining (it rained on and off all day), but I did have to drive on the way home in the rain (but it wasn't that bad).

I had to laugh when I saw this warning AFTER the storm at come and gone...

Not the time. It says 2:38, and the storm had already come and gone about 10 minutes when I saw this. I LOL'd a bit.


Last night, my friend called and asked if I wanted to go for sushi. I had never had it. Like EVER. I always said I didn't really like it, but I wanted to give it a try. It was actually pretty good! Oya is a restaurant that I had never been to, and it was such a great place. I am not sure if I consider myself a sushi fan, but I tried it, and it was good (I had the Cali rolls, which my sister says doesn't count!!). I also had the raw fish on top of rice. My friend had the all you can eat, and since I had never tried it before, I had the bento box. I loved the fact that there were different foods (albeit small, which is what I wanted) that you could try.
 Miso soup. I loved this.

My bento box full of goodies!

I had a great visit with her, and I really enjoyed our girl time. I needed that. A lot.

3. Date Days with Hubby

We went and watched "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" the other day, and we ran errands yesterday. We also went on a Starbucks Date.

4. Starbucks Drinks.

Speaking of Starbucks, I had two VERY yummy drinks this week.

I saw a really cool drink on a Starbucks Store's IG page. I wanted to give it a try. Sadly, they didn't make it the way I wanted the first time, but it was still good. They called it the Berry Cobbler. It was Vanilla Bean Frap, with hibiscus berries added.
What I really wanted was this one....
 They called it a Triple Berry Cream Frappicino. It's a Strawberry and Cream Frap, with raspberry syrup and then the hibiscus berries. Yum!

5. Bath Bombs

I don't have any pictures of them, but I did get some. Honest. I had bought one from Lush when I went to Victoria last month, but I haven't used it yet. I had to go and buy some bath bombs for one of our clients, and when I saw and smelled them, I knew I HAD to get some for myself. I went to Nature's Face and Body, which is a healthy product store (makeup, bath products, etc) in town. I had never been to it before, so I was glad when I was able to have been given the task of going. I used one, and it smelled and felt SO good. It made my skin feel so soft. Anyway, I am now a reformed bath bomb girl!!

That's all for this week (I have more, but I don't want to bore you, and I have to get going). I actually have to work all (or most) of the weekend, so it really doesn't feel like a weekend to me. BUT it is our Anniversary on Sunday!!! Not sure what we are going to do yet; we may go to a drive through about 2 hours away, or we may just hang out in town. What we do, I am sure it will be a good day.


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