TToT-Happy Birthday!

Wow...Happy 1st Birthday, Ten things of Thankful! I think I started in the late spring/summer of last year, and even though I haven't participated every week, I have loved the weeks that I have done it. There have been weeks where I haven't wanted to join in and be thankful, but I **KNOW** that it was good for me!!! I have met so many great people, and come across some great blogs!! Since I was a little late last week in joining, and I am WAY behind in blog posts, I will (and have) link up last weeks post. You can view it here. I have also posted an official link on this wks Linky :)

Happy 1st Birthday!!

 Here is a bday cake! Ok, it was a cake from my parents' anniversary last week, but hey, a cake's a cake, right??
 Linking up with Liz again!!


Christine said…
So nice of you to bring cake to the party! :)
It has been so nice to get to know you over the past many months. I love that this blog hop has brought together so many kind, lovely people whom I never would have met otherwise.
Lizzi R said…
Cake's a cake, indeed :) Always glad to see a thankful post. I hope your parents had a nice time.
I'm so glad you have benefited from participating in the TToT! And that you brought cake!
You're welcome!!! I wouldn't have, except that I saw that everyone els :)

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