Last Week and Last Wknd Updates.

I thought I would do a few "real" posts, instead of doing blog hops all the time.

This last wknd was pretty tame, as I pretty much just worked, ate and slept. Anker camped at my parents' over the wknd, and he said he had a great time. I like to have the bed to myself once in awhile. I will put the laptop on his side of the bed, and pop in FRIENDS or a movie.

I worked 12 hour days both Saturday and Sunday, and 7 hours each day Friday and Monday. They were good, but tiring shifts. I did manage to watch a couple of movies, sit outside, and go on a picnic, plus do a couple of Wal Mart runs. It was a good variety of things. In the evenings, I came home, and grabbed some wine and strawberries and relaxed, had a bath and went to bed.

 Friday morning, I helped get Anker ready to leave. I went to a couple of stores to grab things for his trip. I went to work. Thursday, I went to Wal Mart and to the Dollar store to grab some things for my friends Bridal shower, and a late Father's Day gift for my dad. Thursday night, I went to the bridal shower, and relaxed later in the evening. Wednesday, I spent time cleaning off our balcony. I am SO happy that it's done. Now to tackle the INSIDE of our house :) I also spent time reading magazines on the patio after the clean up.

Yesterday, I relaxed in bed and listened to the local Country Station, and Facebooked. I went to Wendy's for lunch, to the library, and grabbed a mocha frap at Starbucks and sat outside before heading to work.

Tuesday, I watched Philomena (or sometime last week, can't remember which day that was). It is SUCH a good movie, and I hope to buy it some day. In afternoon, Anker and I went to the church for a bit, and then grabbed some Iced Caps from Tim Horton's and went to check out some birds at our local park. It is a nice cheap date. Wednesday and Thursday, Anker cleaned the floors at the church, which was nice, since I got some time (and the house) to myself. Not sure what I did Monday, but I am sure it involved going to Starbucks or some other coffee shop.

I think that sums up our week.

Hope your week is going well!


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