Last Wknd/This Weeks Update

Yes, I am behind...I am going to try to remember what we all did last wknd and this, here goes..

Last Friday, I hung out in the morning, went to my chiro appointment, and went to grabbed an iced tea and read my new magazine that I bought. Wen to work the afternoon/evening shift and I went to McD's to finish off my journal and relax before going to bed. Saturday, I worked all day. That was my first 12 hour day shift, and it was pretty fun. Most of the time it didn't even feel like work. Saturday night, I went home and went to bed. Sunday was the anniversary party. I already wrote about that. Got home late from that (to our aunts) and basically went to sleep.

Monday, we got up early (yawn) and drove back into town to Anker's doctors appointment with the GI specialist. Yes, of all the days they could have had him come in, THAT was the day. LOL. The appointment went well. He didn't have the BX then (hubs got it later in the week from our GP), but he pretty much told him what we all thought it was, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. He gave him some meds to take, and told us to come back in a couple of months. Went home and had a nap, and relaxed. I am sure I went out later in the day.

Tuesday, I relaxed, and I think Anker had a few errands to run, an I stayed home. I went to visit my aunt where they are staying for the summer. It was such a beautiful day, and we sat out on the deck and chatted. And had chips and cookies. I went to work and came home. I think I went to McDonald's again. LOL. I love that they are open 24/7 and have $1 drinks right now.

Wednesday was my full day off. I relaxed in the morning, and went to see my friend who works at our church. Came home, and Anker went to see his GP about a letter that he needed. He ended up finding out the results of his liver BX, which was indeed PBC. We spent the evening talking and being together, which was nice. I was kind of getting about what I should do when my cousin called. We always have a good chin-wag when we call each other, and this time was no exception; we talked for an hour! Then my neighbour asked me if I wanted to go to Wal-Mart. After our Wally run, I came home and went right to bed.

Thursday, I worked my first 7hr day shift at the house (i have only worked once, and we went to her day program), and I loved it. I made cookies, which turned out great. The day went fast, and I really enjoyed it. I went to my doctors appt to get an RX for my nerve pain meds. I didn't really feel like making dinner for one, and Anker had already eaten, so I went to A&W for supper. YUM. Went to a friends house for coffee and visit and came home. I went to bed pretty much right away. I was SO tired!!

Friday, I worked another day shift (I really do love being casual, cause I get a taste of all the shifts. Another great shift. Ran a few errands, and came home just in time to leave to go to our friends for supper. They live a half hour away, on an acreage, and we have been wanting to get up there forever, so we finally made a date.

Grabbed the first slurpee of the summer (I actually had a small one when we put kitty down). It was VERY good!
                                Don't worry, I didn't drink the whole thing. I shared it with Anker.
We had a great evening. The supper was good, and the visit was even better. Came home around 9 and was SO tired, that I quickly played my game and went to bed. Yup. Cause I am old and cool like that.

Well, that was this last week. I hope you enjoyed reading it.


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