Anniversary Party (warning: Lots of pictures ahead)!!

Yes, I realize that I am behind in my posts...**sigh**. I hope you will forgive me. LOL. I will try to do a few posts today. It is a quiet Sunday for us. We are staying home from church, as neither of us feel great, and I am watching Gospel Of John and Facebooking and blogging. I thought it would be a great day to catch up on my posts. Cleaning can wait until tomorrow, right?

I will try to do my posts in (semi) order. That being said, I did do a short post (and link up/linked back) about/on TToT.

Last Sunday was my parents' 40th Anniversary party. Their actual anni was May 28th, but we decided to have on a wknd night.

Last Sunday, I woke up at 8, Facebooked, packed up our stuff, and we were actually at church early.!! How that happened, I have no clue, as we are usually late!! We left half way through the service, since we had errands to run before leaving. Hubby got his hair cut, and I gassed up the car, and grabbed lunch from the grocery store, and and we headed out.

After having a short visit with Dad (mom was busy), we all headed our separate ways to get ready. We stayed at my aunts this time, for a change, and so that mom and dad didn't have to do anything (not that they do anyway..we are pretty independent).

The house is over 50 years old and SO fun to hang out in; especially upstairs. It is so quaint and cosy!!

The bedroom looked over the lilac bushes. The valley is about 2 wks behind Kamloops, so the lilacs were in full bloom there (they are done!).

Vienna (who instigated in the planning and who planned A LOT of it) wanted us all to dress up, so at the last minute, I decided to wear the dress I wore to my brothers wedding. I don't think I will wear it again, since I think it (length-wise).

I decided to straighten my hair for the firs time in years.  It took me nearly an hour to do it. But it was fun and a bit of a change.

We had the party at the same place (or location) where Mom worked while she was courting Dad.
It wasn't called that then, but it was at the same lake, so it was as good as the same.

They had set it up so nice! They even had heaters and blankets, because it was such a chilly night.

 Sadly, like I said, it was a bit chilly, and later on in the evening, it rained. And rained. A lot. We were (mostly) kept warm with the heaters and blankets.
 It was a small gathering; only about 20 people. Family and a few close friends. It was the perfect amount of people.

                                                         Dutch Lake. So pretty!!

                                             The table that we set up. Simple but nice.
Lilacs are special, because they were at my parents' wedding. They got married in Alberta, so my grandparents (his parents) brought buckets of them from the ranch. So they could be some of the flowers at the wedding.True story.

                                                              Our appetizer. Yum!
This was the special of the night. Pork Tenderloin. Most everyone had it. It was sooo good!

We had a small program; Vienna found a couple of cards that Mom and Dad wrote to each other, and they read them aloud. It was hilarious! We were ALL embarrassed for them! Our Aunt and Uncle did a song that Mom and Dad did at their wedding, to the tune of "I Love". She revamped the lyrics for their 25th, and redid it for their 40th. It was a great redo!! I also did a speech/toast. I had called that morning to ask V if I should do a toast. She said sure. I didn't have time to do it before we got to the ranch, and when I did try to think of something to say, my mind was blank. So, as they were making the introductions of everyone, I very quickly got inspired and wrote up a short speech. Cause I am speedy like that. I HATE public speaking, but I guess I did ok, since everyone said I did well. Vienna had a short speech about Rubies (40th is the Ruby Anniversary), and got info about Rubies online, and compared rubies to them and their love. It was well done. Since it was also our other aunt and uncles 2nd anniversary on the day we had the party, we didn't want to leave them out, so she also did one on cotton (Cotton is the 2nd anniversary) and compared it to them. So sweet!! She's good with words, that girl. She's available. Just sayin'.

Then we had cake.

The cake was SO good! There is a lady who does cakes, and she did a great job. I don't normally like lemon (unless it's in a pie, or squares, or lemonade), but this was really good. There was even candies all around the top..YUM!

And as to not leave our other Aunt and Uncle out...they gone one, too!

The evening was a howling success, and Mom and Dad said that it was the best party (for them) since their wedding!

I will end off with more pictures from the night...

                           Yes, we were checking the scores of the Canadiens/Rangers game.
                                                             The cake...sooo good!!

                                       Their wedding. May 1974. Loving the sideburns, Dad!

                                               May 2014. They both look MUCH better.
                                                                    The three girls!!!

                                                                     Me and Hubs.

He was feeling horrible, and I released him from coming, but he insisted, saying that it was very important. Such a sweetie!!!

When we were introducing each other, I said that I was the original version of their love. Yes, I can be witty at times.

All in in all it was a great evening, despite the rain. Everyone had a great time, and we had lots of laughs and good visits and fun, and of course, food!!

Happy RUBY 40th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!


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