Five on Friday (A Few Days Late)

Happy Monday!

I know I am a bit late for FoF, but hey, it's my blog, and I can do what I want, right?


San Pallegreno.

Anker's sister (re) introduced us to this last wknd. I think I had had it before (NOT the Blue Sky stuff), and I had seen it before in stores, but I had never bought it, and I certainly hadn't had any in awhile, if at all. All I can say is. YUM.  There are 3 or 4 flavours, but my favourite is the Blood Orange..SO GOOD! At a little over $1 a can, we won't be buying them often, but I had get some yesterday.


My new Purse.

You may remember from this post that I got another purse. Well, that lovely purse only lasted a few weeks, and it started to peal. I was going to buy one before we went away, but I really couldn't afford it, so I just left it until I felt that we could. Well, we got back from our trip, and my gramma gave me some BDAY money! So, it was off to Bentley to grab one. I love it!! And, IT'S PINK! 


The Birthday Gifts.

I don't often buy stuff just for me. Oh sure, I buy magazines, coffee, and the odd book (ok, and CD), and maybe stuff for our place..but I rarely buy stuff JUST FOR ME. When K took us to the Victoria Public Market, and when I saw a hand scrub (among other thibathngs) from The Silk Road (they also have teas...also good, I nearly bought the Iced tea drink that I tasted), I decided to buy myself a little treat. Mom gave me some money for our trip, so I allowed myself to buy myself anything if and when I saw it. The package ad some bath oil, the scrub, the loofa and something else that I can't remember. The scrub left my hands feeling SO smooth! I also got a bath bomb at Lush, and they threw in some hand softener (I think!) in for free as well (a sampler, but still). When were at the Butterfly Garden (more on that in the rest of the travel post), I bought myself a key ring with little butterflies on it. I also found an old Hudson's Bay Catalogue from 1910!! We were in an Antique Book store in Sidney, and I HAD to get it!!!  I love my gifts!!



My magazines came this week. I have already read through the CL one. Cause I am speedy like that. I would love to get them for another year, but I can't afford it, so I will get them from the library.



I got a new (also PINK) journal from some bday money that my aunt gave me. I went up to Chapters to look as I had found one similar there last year, and sure enough....another pink one...similar in thickness, and price. So ya, I was happy.


Hard Iced Tea
I wanted an adult bevy with my Birthday dinner, and I NEVER drink (I only like about 2 kinds of alcohol...coolers and champagne, oh and the odd wine), but I wanted to give a hard bevy another try. I had tried Long Island iced tea before, and the first time I liked it, the second time I didn't, so I had never tried it again. Well, I wanted to give LIIT another try. Sure enough..I LOVED IT! I realize it's like with any drink (mock or alchy_ that it TOTALLY depends on who makes it, but this was really good, and I want to try it again (too bad it wasn't refillable!!).

So there you have it for this weeks FoF.



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