Five on Friday

Happy Friday!!!

Here are my FoF for this week:

First day of Summer.
Then it's 6 months til Christmas. You're welcome.

A weekend Alone.

Hubby is going camping this wknd, so I am going to be alone this weekend. And working. Yay me!


A little (financial) Help from Family and Friends.

Because of our trip, we have been a bit short on cash. Thankfully, our aunt and uncle gave us a bit of money. They are so sweet. I also got some $ from my friend for my bday. Oh, and I got paid today. Not much, as I only worked one day, but hey, it's something.


Honey Boo-Boo

I may or may not have recorded it yesterday when it TLC had a marathon on. I watched the last few minutes of an episode, thought it was funny, so I then recorded the rest of them that were on yesterday. We'll see on how much I actually like it.


Finally getting our Patio cleaned.

I spent nearly an hour cleaning up our patio the other day. I think that was the first time I had cleaned it since I moved here. Nearly 8 years ago.


Some fun afternoons on my own.

Maybe it was because I was single for so long before I got married, or maybe it is because Anker is such a homebody, but I do enjoy my time alone; either doing things around town (And NOT errands, although I like that, too). I can enjoy time at a coffee shop, reading, or going to the mall, or going to a movie. I spent a couple of great afternoons alone. I went to see "The Fault in our Stars", which is a great movie. I also spent an afternoon at Starbucks; going through some blogs, updagnig my own blog, and just relaxing. Oh, yah, I also met my friend when she texted me to see if I wanted to go a bday Starbucks drink. Since I had already bought my drink, she gave me a GC, which I in turn used on another drink. So yah, I do enjoy time on my own.


Lisa Loves John said…
I can't even believe that it is 6 months until Christmas!!

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