Father's Day

This past FD was a bit strange for me. For the past few years, we usually ALWAYS at my parents for both MD and FD. We went for MD. You can read about it here. We didn't to my parents' for FD, mainly b/c we didn't really have the money for gas, I was on call, but also b/c Anker was sick. So, we stayed home.

I picked up my aunt on the way, and we went to church. Anker was sick, so he stayed home. The service was nice. They asked all the men to stand up, which was great, b/c I am SO glad they didn't exclude those who aren't fathers. The kids went around and dropped of Dad's Rootbeer and Cookies. I asked for one for Anker. He LOVED the Root Beer. This is a brand we never get. Shelley and I went to Tim Horton's for a coffee, snack and chat.

The rest of the day itself was ok. I was a bit sad seeing all the FD posts on my news feed, as well as the blogging posts. I felt a bit sad that we didn't go home to my parents' and also that Anker isn't a father himself. I think Anker would have been a great dad. He loves to play with kids, and really engages in them. He is not perfect, not a perfect man, not a perfect husband, but I think if given the chance, he would have made a great father. It makes me sad that we probably won't get the chance to see that. So, I went to bed on Sunday night a bit melancholy.

I am also grateful for the WONDERFUL dad in my life. I did call him on Sunday, and wished him a happy day. I have a card for him, and I will probably get him a little something for the next time we go out there. When I was growing up, MD and FD were almost like Christmas. We made them a nice breakfast, showered them with cards and/or gifts, and let them do pretty much whatever they wanted that day. In some ways, I feel the pressure every year to do something (go there; give them a card, etc), but in other ways, I am also blessed to have them in my life. I know Anker is sad that his parents are no longer alive, so that makes me sad a bit, too.

So, I hope everyone had a good Father's Day, wherever you may be in your life Father-wise.


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thank you so much for the sweet comment! i really appreciate it;)
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