Five On Friday

Linking up with Darci and the other girls for this weeks Five on Friday!

1. Tiny/Miniature Ice Packs
I was sent to get these for work, but I had to get some for us, too. Aren't they simply adorbs?

2. Big Bang Series Completed
I finally got seasons 1 and 3 from an eBayer in Ontario last week. I am just so happy. This series is now complete. Well, now I have to get season 7, I guess.

3. Hot Days
There was finally a hot day where I didn't have to work. I was so stoked. So I had a nap. LOL.

4. Two New Book Shelves

Our friends upstairs are moving (well, they have now left), and they gave us a few things. One being two book shelves. One we put in our hallway closet, and one is in our room. As you can see, I have put it to good use.

5. A Chat with this little guy.
I got to Skype H yesterday. He is such a ham. I love and miss him SO much!!


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