My Family's Sheep Ranch...

I had a great 48 hours at my family's place Sat-Mon. Sadly, hubby wasn't feeling well, so he decided to stay home. I had fun seeing my lil niece, and my parents were looking after Bebop over the wknd, so he was there, too. I wish the weather was warmer, but we had fun anyway. I thought I would post a few pics (if it would let me!!) of the beauty that I still call home....
The Sheep in the field.

A Momma and her baby.

The green is begnning..finally
The orphan lambs:)
My Lil Niece...
Looking towards my grandparents (now my aunt and uncle's) house. I love this scene.
Looking West. I love Sunset shots.
Well, I could upload tons more, but I have lots to do do today:) If you are my friend on FB, come and check them out.


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