SUYL-Kids Books, and our Easter Wknd Recap.

Yes, I am combining two posts in one:) I am busy, and I keep forgetting/been too busy to post much., so I thought I would do two posts in one.

So, SUYL  (! This wk is Kids Books. Well, I don`t have any kids, but I was a kid once, and I have a lil nephew, so I do read the occasional kids' books. And with my going into my career choice that I am, I will and have read a few books. First off..I LOVE kids books. Possibly more than adults. I actually love ANY kind books. I am a very tactile person, and the Kindle, etc, don't interest me much. I love to have the book in my hands..ok...on to the subject at hand...

One of my favourite kids books is "I Love you Forever". It was given out when Mom was having the 4 younger know, in those baby take home bag things...and we read them, over, and over, and over again. I DO love it, though.  I don't cry much at books or movies, but if I did cry, it would be at this book..Love it:)

One of my faviourite books when I was a child was "No one But God". DId you know the guy who wrote that actually invented the game Twister, and never got any money for it? True Story. I actually found it a while ago, and now I read it to Bebop. He really does love it. I also love "A is for Annabelle", and "A child's version of the 23rd Psalm". That isn't the real name, but it is close enough. I also love Fra@nklin, B@renstein Be@rs, and although they aren't books, I love Veggie T@les. I do not like Dor@!! 

When my brother was going to be a big brother, someone got him a book called "Baby Dear". I love it:) It is such a sweet story. It is about a little girl that has just become a big sister, and she does everything with her dolly that her mum does with her baby brother.

Well, I am sure/know there are a ton more, but I can't think of any more right now.

So, on to our Easter Weekend. We left for the ranch around 3 or so. Enjoyed an evening with the young boys, as the parents were out for supper. We stayed at the B&B located on the ranch, which is awesome. It gives us some time away from the hustle and bustle, but still close to everyone.

The next morning, we helped mum clean up the yard. Well, "we" as in "me". True story. Ok, maybe not. We had a bon fire and roasted hot dogs. I went to C-town to get a few things. Came back, and had supper. We hung out and visited and then some of us watched October Baby, which was awesome.It is a pro-life movie, but even if you aren't a religious/spiritual person, it is a great movie to watch. Church the next morning, and it was a great service. I ended up coming into K-town with MOm, as we both had a few things to do. It was a beautiful trip in, and we got the stuff done that we needed to get done. We also picked up my sister, who was coming back from Alberta. We also had to bring back a few other people, so we had a car full of 6 girls!!

Monday, we slept in a bit, or I did:) Hubby went early to move the sheep down from the upper fields, down to where they will be lambing for the next month. As it was the 1st day of April , it was also the start of lambing on the farm. We only saw a one new lamb, but since I have seen it every year, I wasn't that disappointed. I wanted to do a little Egg Hunt for anyone that wanted to, and it just ended up being Bebop that went. We had fun hiding the eggs, and Bebop didn`t understand the full concept of looking for them, but he had fun!!
Bebop looking for eggs:)

And speaking of kids' books, I am going to put in a shamelss plug for my aunt, who wrote a book called "Jingle gets her Bell". It is about a gr 2 reading level, but can be enjoyed by, here is a picture of my aunt selling her book on the first day of lambing (we have drop in, self-guided tours that come nearly daily)
If you are ever in the interior of British Columbia (especially in April) come stop by! The website is Or, if you are on Facebook, like the page "The Aveley Ranch" (there isn't supposed to be a 'the', it just got in there when the person made up the page).
Have a great week!! This is my last FULL week of school!!!


Mischka said…
Baby Dear is so wonderful! I love the illustrations.

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