A Tale of Two Movies

Everyone once in awhile, you come across a movie that scars you. You know the one. The one where the images haunt you late at night, you just can't get them out of your head. But then, every other once in awhile, there a movie comes along and changes you. Or at least makes you think. You can't get it out of your head. You want to go out and buy it, or you want to buy the associating book. I have had/seen two such movies.

The first one I watched a few years ago. I heard that it was "SOO GOOD" by people..and by 'people', i mean Hollywood. Well, that was back in the time when you could still rent movies, so one wknd, while Hubby and I were at my parents' place, we started to watch it. It was called Ch@ngling. Let me tell you, that it was one of the most horrible movies that I had ever watched. Never mind that it was a true story, and the murderer was probably related to my Gr. Aunt (on her mother's side). Anyway, I just remember, a few of us watching it. I think mum wasnt even there. Anyhoo...I have to admit, that Angel in a J ol ie did an amazing job in her role (that wasn't the problem), but I wouldn't recommend anyone watching it (especially if you are a mother). I won't even waste my time describing it to you.

The next movie I watched was over the wknd. It was amazing. I love WW2 movies. This one was no exception. It was called S@r@h's Key, and it stars K risiten S co tt Thomas. I am not a huge KST fan, but she did amazing in this film. It goes between present day and 1942, and it is sub-titled (which I normally don't like) through out most of it, as it is taken place in France. It is when the French rounded up the Jews and sent them to the Veldedrome in Paris. Without giving much away, it is about KST's characters family going back to the apartment that they had bought in 1942. She discoveres a secret, and digs deeper to find out what exactly happened. There is no swearing, and no bad violence (you only see what happens in the concentration camps), and although it is very sad, it definitely made me thank Jesus that we don't live in a place where stuff like that happens anymore. I KNOW there are countries where children are made to fight, and that makes me very sad, and I know there are places even in this country where kids are under horrible circumstances. But for the most part, we live in a good place and time.

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