How I Spent My Sunday (A School Update)

Normally, I really try to make Sundays my Sabbath day from homework. If it isn't Sunday, then I make it another day of the week, however, since I played hookey last weekend, and we are at the end of the semester/year, I KNEW that I had to tackle my school work!! I have a paper that is due tomorrow, and as of 6:30 this evening, I had barely started on it. True story. I also have a test first thing tomorrow that I had no where nearly studied for (ok, I did spend yesterday writing out the answers to the questions she gave us), so I had to that, too. Well,I think I scored my new personal record...4 hours from start to finish!! Other than a few little details, it is done! I am SHOCKED that I got it done. I thought that I would have to ask for an extension, or at the very least, I would have done it half-passed, but I actually did a good job (I think, anyway). As for my test goes, I am not too worried about it, as I am getting good marks, so even if i fail (which I probably wont) I will still probably pass. But that being said, I still plan on getting up and there early to study:)

I got up this morning with every intention of going to church. Well, for starters, I got in a fight (sorry, I do love to do this, argument on 'friends' status on F@cebok, which took time, and got me upset..and I was still in get the picture. I did go (late), and I did my @von for the people that had ordered (I brought what they had ordered), and I sat down, and I just couldnt concentrate, so I left. I went to St@rbucks, to grab a coffee, where I finished my personal journal, and then I went home to grab a few things, and went to Mcdon@lds where I proceeded to have the worst dinner/meal in awhile!I love it there (sadly). The food is cheap and good....and i thought I was hungry..I guess I was only thirsty..anyhoo..met my brother at school (he is in his 4th year), and we "studied" together. When I say "studied" I mean we talked, I looked out the window, and gazed at my test Q&A's, and he looked for bikes online:) Actually, we really did some studying, too, which was good. He left at 5:30, and I went to the computer lab to start my paper. I met another classmate was there, so we chatted, and talked about our papers and test...moved to another building bc the we were in was closing, and I plowed my way through it:) After moving up a floor to print it off (printer wasnt working downstairs), I got it printed off, and voila! I am home!!

Well, that was my Sunday in a nutshell:)

Yesterday was spent running errands, meeting up with people, visiting with a friend, hanging with Bebop and his mommy..where I bought us all drinks from St@rbucks -he loves the kids hot chooclate-and had a fun time visiting and playing...and then I went to school, where I did some studying..and home, where we had macnchesese, and we watched hockey! The C@nucks won:)

Now, on to my last full week of school!!!


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