ARRRGHHH!!! Some people (no, MOST people) just Don't get it!

Last night, I posted this picture from yesterday's post on my FB profile, for a bit of a joke, a long with the status "We would like to announce that we are not pregnant". I did this partly as a joke, but also, partly because I wanted people to try to see our side of things. Some people were nice about it..and pretty understanding, but someone else said this:

 Well, yes you can April! There are kids all over the world waiting for you! If you really wish for a family all you have to do is move forward and step up! I am lucky enough to have four naturals, one foster, (actually fostered four) and five steps....second generation is want family....go get family!

Well, I can definitely understand where she is coming from, she didnt understand my situation. If only it were that easy!!! Adoption is not an option (as far as we can tell) for us. First of you all, you need money..and yes, we could foster to adopt from the province (which would be free), but we aren`t healthy enough to be raising kids, and hubby is getting older (his words, not mine), and I think he has given up the idea on having kids. I would still like to have them, but we would need at least a three bedroom place, for which we don`t have the money (yet) to rent or buy. This is sad to realize..I wish things were differnet, I wish hubby would be a bit more open to this concept, but I think he just plain doesn`t want them anymore. I was having a bit of a hard time even this morning reading someone elses blog, wishing that we could have even just one baby, but sadly, that dosn`t seem to be what God wants for us right now.

So, going back to the beginning of this post...Adoption isn`t easy. It can cost (at the very least) 10 Grand, and that is for domestic adoption. So, try to be sensitive when someone talks about not having kids (or never being able to). You don`t always know the whole story.


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