Road Trip, The Blogging World, and things I don't understand!

I was going to link up with Kelly's Blog with her weekly SUYL, but it had to do with kids crafts, and I really don't have anything exciting to share, so I thought i would do my own thing this week:) But, if you are interested, her link is

Well, if you noticed I did a few lil changes to our blog the other day. I wanted to look a bit more inviting. I hope you enjoy the changes! I also am wondering what other blog sites there are other than I know of BlogHer, and that is all...anyway..just am wanting some more inspiriation for my blog, and BS doesn't let me do too much.

Speaking of is SUCH a HUGE blogworld out there!! I thought of titling this post "so many blogs, "so little time". I added a few more the other day, and there are still a few that looked interesting that I thought of adding. But honestly, why? I can barely keep up with the blogs i DO read. Do you you "rotate" your blogs? How do you keep with your blogs that you frequent? Do you add them to your faviourites, or do you add them/keep them organized in your blog or G00gle reader? Ok, enough of this blog talk:)

So, on Wednesday, I accompanied a friend to Vancouver for the day, as she had to pick up a few things. I had an awesome time. We talked nearly non-stop all the way there and back. The weather was great there and back, and the roads were bare. I took some great pictures (for me) of the mountains..and the GREEN!! I never can quite believe how early the West Coast gets their spring. I nearly everything was an emerald colour. So beautiful!!!
Near/around Hope, BC

The New Port M@nn Bridge

I think this was going into Vancouver.

Not the best picture of me:)

 I was reminded that Canada is a beautiful place. I LOVE where we live. British Columbia is an amazing province, and if you haven't been, you should really visit, and DON'T just visit Vancouver, either. (although you have to go there for a couple of days) Where we live is amazing (and yes, I am a bit biased). Lots to offer everyone. Where we live is very desert-y, but we do get our fair share of rain (not like the coast, though). Our winters are fairly mild, and the scenery is amazing. The drive from where we live to my parents is so lovely..even on yucky days, it is a nice drive. I was reminded on how little of Canada that I have explored. There is still SO MUCH of BC that I haven't even been to yet. We live in a beautiful country, and I want to start travelling it more. I don't have a passport, and even though it is a bit inconvenient, I am reminded that I don't need one to explore Canada:)

Ok, back to our trip. We went to the Abbotsfor/Sumas border for her to pick up a parcel, I just sat on this side of the border and stared longingly at the sign:) We went to BC Pl@ace to pick up some things she needed for the S@n F@n R@n. We did a little walk around, and found a place to eat. We went to the C@ctus Club C@fe, which was noisy, but had amazing food!
My quesedilla and salad...they were So good!!!
Chilliwack, BC.

See, I told you, green!!!

See, I told you, desert.

Near Merritt, BC
Now on to the last part of my post. This isn't to sound negative or anything, but I don't understand some of things things I read in the blogging world...maybe it is because I am Canadian, and don't have kids, or I don't want to be busy 24/ they are..
Why a child goes to "school" at 2 years old! What? We don't call it school in Canada..we call it day care:) I don't understand why people why parents (I have heard this in the celebrity world, as well) refer to their child under the age of 3 going to school. I am aware that there is pre/play school, which I guess kids at age 3 go to, but a 2 year old going to school? it for what it is..DayCare!!
Smocking. Sorry, I just don't get it. I have asked my American friends about this, and they don't get it, either. So, it must be a Southern thing? I just don't see the idea of it. They don't do anything for the child. It just looks like a cloth draped over them.
How people (parents, whoever) can be busy. all.the.time. I am constantly reading on the things families do (even when they don't have kids), from going to peoples places for dinner, to going to the fair, to going here and there. I mean, it costs  money for that stuff. Yes, I do go places, but generally, it costs little to no money, and I do generally stay at home. I will often spend an evening computer-ing (yes, that IS a word!LOL) and watching tv. I just don't understand how people with kids can be going all the time!!!
Well, those are the concepts that I don't understand, but hey, it takes all kinds of people that make the world go 'round!!!
Now, if you will excuse, me, I have to go out for coffee with my new weekly magazines!!
Happy Friday!


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