Coffe with Jesus, and Randomness!!!

So, I finished my last assignment today. It feels sad, relieving, and happy all at the same time!!! I only have one final test left to go, then I am done. I am still debating on whether I will be doing another year or not.

Country singer Thomas Rett sings a song called `Beer with Jesus``. It talks of him what he would talk to Jesus about if he could kick back and have a beer:) I don't drink beer, but I love the song. We got talking the other night about what it would be like if we could have a coffe with Jesus. First of all, woudl He be a coffee chain (Tim Hortons/Dunkin Donuts/Krispy Kreme/Starbucks) kind of Guy, or would He go the independent route? What would He order? Would He pay (probably!!)? Would He order non-caffienated drink, or something strong (you know, with having to listen to people's problems and all...)? What would we talk about? Would we talk about social issues? Would I ask him questions (actually, I KNOW I would)? Would I ask Him how He was doing? I would LOVE to have coffee with Him!!! Would He make me laugh? Would I make Him laugh? Would I complain to him about my friends and family, and hubby? Those are some thoughts in my head the last few days. But the good thing is, is that although it would be awesome to have coffee with Him in person, we don't need to imagine it..we can talk to Him whenever and wherever we want (and I occasionally do while I am out at Starbucks). That is what I LOVE about my relationship with Him! I don't need to go through a priest or a Rabbi, or through another third party (although there are parts of the Catholic and Jewish faith that I appreciate) to talk to Him.

Ok...on to the randomness....

Yesterday, I spent half of the day with Bebop. We went out to coffee/ an indpendent/local coffee shop this time. It is a bit more catered to families, and they have toys for little ones. He did awesome...and just said and drank his hot chocolate, and barely played with the toys. We went to the library. Got my magazine and took him home and put him to bed. I read some magazines while he was sleeping. Brother (his dad) came home and took him to pick up his mom who was out of town at a funeral. I went to SBX to finish off an assignment. I relaxed last night. I watched two movies.

Hubby woke up with a sore back this morning, so I think we have to say goodbye to our futon. I am on the lookout for a couch or sofa..or something, since our cushions, are not well, that cushion-y anymore.

I went to church this morning...a great service. I grabbed McD`s, and then went to the school and really finish off my last assignment. Yay!! It took me longer, because I hung out on Fb for longer than I should have. At least it is done. Now to study for my final psych test.

The plans this week are to clean my house (it is a mess...perhaps i should clean it), watch movies, read my mags from the library...and study.

One thing that I am actually amazed about is how many people have "open" blogs, who reveal the real names and pictures of them, along with their last name, and where they live. I am shocked that people aren't more careful. It is a crazy, scary world out there, and I don't think that revealing your families' true identity is the smartest thing i being paranoid? That being said, I DO love reading other peoples' blogs. Which brings me to another point..why are we so infatuated with other peoples (especially strangers) lives? What makes us read other peoples daily and persnal thoughts, ideas, tips, and of course, pictures. I can see how a person would want a blog of their family's life if they had other famly members living far away, which was how I think that blogs got started anyway. But to read another strangers life? Interesting thought. My mom doesn't understand that at all:)

Happy Sunday!


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