SUYL-Girls in their 20's/Married with no kids.....A bit (more) About Me..

I wasn't going to link up with this Friday, as it is about College girls/girls in their 20's , but then she also said that she was also highlighting girls who are married, but who don't have kids....sooo...I thought "1 in 3 aint bad, right?".

So...a little be (more) about me!

I won't say my EXACT age, but I somewhere between 29 and 49...maybe:) I got married to my man (whom I met online!!), nearly 6 years ago. We have a 15 year old kitty (Siamese), who I "adopted" as my own when I met my hubby. I am not a cat person (or I wasn't) until I met him, well, now that has changed. I love my kitty-child:)

We live in a 1 bedroom apartmen, and we have been here since we have been married. I hope to move this summer..hubby would like to say where we are at....we shall see:)

I am the oldest of 7 kids, an aunt to 3 (I have bragged a bit about them on here), and a daughter to two WONDERFUL parents! My dad is a pastor/sheep farmer, and my momma stayed at home with us. She homeschooled us all, is writing a book, is a farmer/preachers wife, and manages the ranches books and day to day living.

As I have stated on the side of my blog that I LOVE Starbucks, shopping, blogging, people watching, going out for dinner, hanging out with family and friends, watching tv and movies. My faviourite TV shows (right now) are Grey's Anatomy, Judge Judy, Bake (with Anna Olson), and Best Recipies Ever, and I also like Amazing Race. I also like My Crazy Obession and My Crazy Addiction:)

We are always struggling for/with money, but we never struggle for need/want. We LOVE Jesus, but like many people struggle with having a full time relationship with Him. I am ALWAYS praying to Him, though:) I KNOW he is carrying us..both in good times and in bad.

I just finished doing a one year program in Community School and Support (allowing me to work in the school system as a Teachers Aid, and to work with some agencies in town).

Oh, and I love Pinterest:)

That is all for now:) Happy Friday!
Me, Taken on April 17, 2013


Shoshanah said…
I'm a big fan of Amazing Race too! And I'm loving Grey's Anatomy this season. I've been watching it since the beginning, but really think this year has been one of my favorites.

And just letting you know, I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner!

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