SUYL-Heath Tips, and ISO of Canadian Bloggers!

Happy Friday!!!

I don't know about you, but I am VERYhappy that it is the wknd:) I also wish a had an entire wknd of nothingness ahead of me, but I have offered to look after Bebop tomorrow, plus I need to finsih off a couple of more projects for school. Oh well, at least I will be able to sleep in somewhat.

So, health tips..I am linking up with Kelly's Korner Blog for healthy tips. I actually wasnt going to particpate this wk, b.c I am not the healthiest person in the world, but there are a FEW things that I try to do that make eating a bit healthier.

I love cucumbers!!! I also love baby carrots, and baby tomatoes. Sometimes (not as much as  I should) I will cut up cucs and eat them with my meal..I will also eat baby carrots..that I do a lot..even if it is an unhealthy meal, I will add a few carrots, and I feel like I ate a bit healthier. I also dont need salad dresing when I eat raw veggies (except for broccoli and cauliflower), so I know that helps with lowering the calories (although I will eat them with dressing, but I just don't need to). THe other thing I have done lately is making smoothies! I know they aren't the healthiest in the world, but at least I get some fruit in the morning...I don't have a picture,but here is what I do..I know there are thousands of variations, and i have made a few of them, but here is the recent one...

Yogort, crranberry juice, ice, banana, frozen fruit (I use frozen berries), and I also use Epicure Berry Dream spice (but you don't need it), and I also have used sour cream..and some orange juice...Blend them all in a blender....the amount I make is usually enough for two people.It tastes yummy, and usally (tho not always) keeps me full until lunch.

Ok...on to the second part of my post..I am looking for Canadian Bloggers...I have seen a lot of American Bloggers, which is awesome, but I would love to "meet" up with some great fellow Canadians who are in the blogging world. If you are one, please leave a commebnt, and I will send you an email, etc.

Have a great wknd! It is cooold here today!!!


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