The World needs Jesus...

I wasn't going to blog tonight, but upon seeing and hearing of the explosion at the Boston Marathon, I thought I would state the obvious: Clearly, the world needs Jesus...or, at the very least a hobby other than violence:( I am shocked (although I don't why) of hearing of yet another act of violence. Why does the world act this way? Why can't all the worlds problems be solved over a cup of coffee or tea? Seriously, I am just baffled by this. I am also saddened by the 8 yr old that died. Such a sad thing to hear. People dying at the cost of someones's violent acts.

To my American friends: Please know that your friends to the Norh are thinking of, and praying for you all. My heart aches for everyone that was injured and killed. This just isn`t right. Why do people resort to this awful act? Wasn't it just a while ago we heard of a stabbing, then before that, wasnt there a shooting at another school?

I just don't understand (see, this is the kind of thing that I would ask Jesus about over coffe!!). I don't understand why people have to die (especially young children) in the wake of other people's acts? And where does it get them? 15 minutes of fame?

I will be saying a special prayer tonight for the people of Boston.  This is a major event, and people come all over the world to attend this marathon. There were a few hundred people from B.C (or from all over Canada?), and our thoughts those families that are affected by this terrible tragedy.

I had this as my profile picture over Easter, and I thought I would post this tonight.  I felt it fitting.


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