Weekend Wrap Up

Yes, it's Friday, and yes, I am doing an update about LAST weekend. Do I care? Nope!!

So, last wknd was Canada Day Long Wknd. Last Friday was actual CDay. We slept in and just hung out all morning. We were debating on whether to go to the park to take in the festivities. Anker didn't really want to, but I wavered on and off all day. I ended up going down about 4. I wandered around, and enjoyed the day. I texted a friend as I was leaving, and asked her if she wanted to join me. She said yes, after she ate her supper. I had a bite to eat from one of the vendors, and I had to have my mini-donuts. Yum!!! S met me around 6 or so, and we visited, then grabbed some ice cream. We visited for probably an hour, then we headed home. I hung out for an hour or so, then we ended up watching the fire works. We chose to see them just close to our house, and though it was far away, it was in perfect line of the fire works!!! I think I need to take a course on taking action shots, b/c I always am horrible at taking firework pictures!!!

Here are some pics from Friday:
                                                  The only red and white thing I did/wore.

 Hanging out at the park...
 The mini-donuts...I tried them with the bacon/maple. It was weird. LOL

                                                          My firework pictures!!

Saturday, I ran some errands, and then hubby ran up to the church to do some more prep for VBS. I sat outside and read magazines, and I enjoyed the sun. I haven't enjoyed our yard in awhile, so I thought I probably should. After Anker came back around 4, I got ready, and headed out to my friends for our other friends' birthday party. We had a lovely evening; eating on her deck, and having a lovely visit. I came home around 11, and pretty much just collapsed into bed.

Sunday, we had good intentions of going to church, but Anker wasn't fully ready to leave, when I was, and since he was needed more than me for the workbee, and since we live too far to make two trips, well, I stayed and waiting around. We got in for the last 10 minutes of the sermon. Oops. We had hamburgers, etc for lunch after, and then it was off to the races! We were there until 5 or so getting things ready. It was a loooong day! But it all turned out SO well!!!

Here are some pictures from our final VBS work bee....

 We usually have in the sanctuary, but we had in the fireside room (opening and closing sessions), and I think it worked out well!!

 Hubby did 90% of the stage/prop work. He did AWESOME!!!
 Most of the stations were set to look like caves. I think this is pretty Pinterst-worthy, don't you?

 This was from a couple of weeks ago...Mawtha and Radar!!

So, that was last wknd!!! Maybe I will get this wknds done before Wednesday next week!!!


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