A Tale of Two Weekends

Well, it's actually supposed to be three, buuuut I will do another post about this weekend another day...or not. Who knows?

First off..TWO weekends, ago...Friday...we finished our VBS with a bang....it was a lot of fun...and lots of kids and their families came. We had a bbq after, which was fun. Anker and I stayed to help clean up. We left around 2:30, and came home and relaxed for the rest of the day. I don't remember what all we did, to be honest. I think we watched tv/movies.

Saturday, we went the VBS Leaders' Appreciation Brunch and wrap up meeting.  I dropped off Anker, and I went to work for 1230. I worked until 330, and then I think I went to the library...or something. I watched three movies, and hubby watched TV.

Sunday, I worked 8-11, and then came home, and grabbed some things, and went to my parents' for my brothers graduation from home-education. Anker wasn't feeling well, and I was stressed from the busy week, that I didn't care if he came or not :) The ceremony was at the church, right after service. I got there juuuuust in time. I actually had missed the food, but I was able to grab some while everyone had dessert. So, it worked out. Came back to the ranch, and had a swim with Dad in the pool (where I got to try out my new Bathing suit!!), and watched movies in the evening. I ended up staying the night, and came back Monday morning.

Now, LAST weekend...Friday, I worked 10-2,and I got my hair cut, then I came home for a few minutes. I met my friend for coffee at a local coffee/bakery downtown, and then ended up buying some goodies. I met up with my friends for supper, which we haven't done (going for supper) in awhile. It was a nice evening. I came home, and hung out for the rest of the evening.

Saturday, Anker and I had high hopes of going to the Farmers' Market, but we slept in, and just hung out at home. I went to Starbucks for a bit, then to the library. I think I went to my friend's house for a bit. I think we watched a couple of movies :)

Sunday, Anker and I went to church, then went for a quick lunch with some friends. I came home, and I had a nap :) I think I watched a movie, or some such nonsense (or watched tv, who knows?), then went to my friends house for a little bit.

So, those are my (our) last two wknds! I know...super exciting!


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