As I have mentioned before, Anker and I are at an odd stage....or maybe are just I find that getting myself (ourselves) plugged in at church (I will stick with church, b/c that is where I mainly have most of my friends; I don't socialise a ton with my co-workers outside of work....and hubby and I don't socialise with my co-workers at all...and family doesn't count, since that is a given...we aren't involved with our community...and don't really connect with our current neighbours, though we have in the past), as our demographic is so varied, and so limited.

Let me explain...

Anker doesn't work (he is on disability), which doesn't leave a lot of room for having similar interests (things to talk about) with others. He has disabilities, which can also make interacting with others a bit challenging, and he also doesn't like to go out much. We have to really pick and choose our times that he needs/wants to go out. We also don't have kids...we aren't seniors, but we aren't in our 30's anymore, either..add that to the fact that Anker is 15 years older than me, well, it can be fun as to know where we fit in! We aren't young marrieds...we don't have kids...but we aren't seniors!!! I struggled to fit in before I was married..and it seems to continue. I am either hanging out with a bunc of moms, or a bunch of seniors!!! Now, please don't get me wrong...I go to our church's ladies coffee time, and I have a few church friends that I hang out, and I love it...and of course, I have been involved the ladies Bible Study as well. But even going to things like that in the last while have been tough...with me working shift work/evenings on and off for the last 5 years (actually, more if you count the time I worked at a Call Centre for two years before/just after we got married)..other than the time I went to school, I have worked evenings/shift work since 2010. How my aunt did shift work nursing for 40 years is beyond me!!

Anyway...the thing I think I have been missing the last while is two on one (or two-three ppl at a time) social gatherings (home setting, sitting at the beach, coffee, etc), and couple friends/small group gatherings. I need to have time where I am with Anker, and with friends socializing. Does that make sense? Of course, this does happen...please don't get me wrong, I do get together with my 6 friends from church, and it is great, especially when we visit at someone's house, and I am also involved in a home group every 2nd Monday with 3 other ladies, and it is great. But I really just want to BE with others, ya know? A couple in the church took us out for coffee in May, and did ask us last wknd, but we weren't able to do it, so we will try again the next few weeks. Like I said....what I am really craving is Anker and I hanging out with others. We did experience a bit of that when we helped out with VBS, which, to be honest, was partly why I wanted to help out...not just for Anker to have something to do, not even for us to work together (with others), though though are all good things!!...but so that I could re-connect with others in the church, and to be of service to others...and of course, doing some Church Ministry!!

I think things are about to change, in a good way! Anker has started coming out of his 1yr (plus) funk. I will try to share about that in another post. Exciting things are happening!!!

Anyway...I guess what I am trying to say is that I am longing for some small group (in home) connection, while alongside my hubby. A couple of us went to a music festival the other day, and while we were there, we started talking about maybe doing a small home group with a few other couples and families from this side of town. This excites me. I want and need to be with others...even if it does mean hanging out with young moms and "older" people!!! I hope that we will be able to get even more (re) connected with the church. I cannot wait!!


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