These are things that I could have put on my Friday posts, but there would be too many...:)

We have some odd weather for July lately. It was nice on Canada Day, and pretty much since then it has been cloudy...there were a couple of days where could have worn either pants or capris and it still would have been ok. Oddness!! Yesterday was the first nice day since July 1st....and even then, it clouded up. We have had some Thunderstorm warnings, including one today, but nothing really seems to have come out of them. We did get some rain, and some heavy clouds, but not much else. It was fun to storm watch, though.

I downloaded some apps last night, and one a wk or so ago..one is called COUNSEL, and other two are Recipe/food ones. I am not sure on how much (or if) I will get to use them, but they seem kind of cool. On another note.. I am very sad that the BC Lions don't have their app anymore :(

I have been actually pretty good on not buying stuff that we don't need (mags, cds, movies, coffee, food we shouldn't eat, etc). That being said, though, I did spend some money this wknd. I did try to be careful, though.

I also have a serious magazine problem. Thankfully, the library has taken care of most of my addiction, but I still tend to go a bit cray-cray about it. At least I am still able to do normal things, like eating...lol.

...and speaking of eating...(and saying that I have been good at not spending money)...

Hubs and I went on a sort of date yesterday after church. I asked our friends if they wanted to meet us at McD's, so we ate lunch together and had a nice chat. It was nice.

The Olympics are coming in 17 days!!! For someone like myself who doesn't play any kind of sport..I absolutely love them!! I am THAT PERSON who wonders where the next Olympics will be held...seriously... this should be an Olympic event :) I do like the Commonwealth Games, and the Pan Am Games as well. I found this little ditty from one of my many plethora of magazines, and I thought it was funny...and pretty true!!! Sadly, I don't remember where it was found...I think it was in EW Magazine, but please don't quote me, and please, no one running after me saying I didn't quote this from the correct magazine, b/c I honestly can't remember...but it was Jimmy Fallon who said it..

I actually lol'd at this :)

My blog post went live on the FMC Website last week. I am expecting Ellen to call me soon :) Seriously, though, that makes me very happy. I love spreading the word about infertility.

We are getting new neighbours Aug 1. They are an older couple from the Island, and this makes us happy. Hopefully, they are nice ppl..who don't smoke or party.

K, well, I think that there was more, but I can't remember, so I will just publish this, and will probably add to it later :)

...and here is the first thing I will add...

Since getting my hair cut..oh..two days ago...I started (ok, I did this once) to put some curling stuff on/in my hair. I totally forgot that I had had it...it is Avon's Curling Gel, which I just checked to it to a link, and they don't seem to carry it anymore. Sadness!!! Anyway, of course, I had used the gel previously, but it had been awhile. Loved it, and I will use it again!!


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