Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day, Eh!!

I was going to link up this week (esp since I missed last wk), with the Friday link ups, buuuut today is Canada Day, soooo I wanted to talk about our great country!!! It is 149 years old today!!! For a country this old, it looks pretty good!! I wonder what its secrets are? :)

Sooo...I thought I would talk about the 149 reasons why I love Canada!!

1) I Was Born Here
2) I have lived here my ENTIRE life!
3) There are only 10 provinces, and three territories. Makes it so much easier to remember!
4) Our PM is a rock star (his wife is pretty sweet, too!!)!!
5) Free Health Care
6) Blue Skies
7) Lakes and Rivers
8) Mountains
9) Prairies
10) Deserts
11) We have 4 seasons
12)  Everyone wants to move here (judging from the Google Search!!)
13) Coffee Crisp
14) Ketchup Chips
15) We say chocolate, not candy, bars
16) We say pop, not soda, bars
17) Rachel McAdams
18) Paul Brandt
19) Dallas Smith
20) Nickleback (yes, they do have great music)
21) Pamela Anderson
22) Ryan Reynolds
23) Nanaimo Bars
24) Alexander Graham Bell (ok, he wasn't born here, but he moved here at 23).
25) Ryan Gosling
26) Insulin (Frederick Banting)
27) Smarties
28) Mr. Dressup/Romper Room/Polka Dot Door
29) Film Colourization (Wilson Markle)
30) Dean Brody
31) Shay Mitchell
32) John Candy
33) Hello Canada Magazine
34) Canadian Living Magazine
35) Chatelaine Magazine
36) Style at Home Magazine
39) HGTV Canada
40) Food Network Canada (TV Network and Magazine)
41) Discovery Canada
42) Hudson's Bay (store)/ Penningtons (store) Addition Elle/Reitmans (stores)
43) Hockey
44) Basketball (invented in Canada)
45) CFL (Go, Lioans!)
46) George Ratzliff (inventor of instant replay; you're welcome)
47) Thomas Ahearn (inventor of the oven, and the heater, you're welcome, again).
48) Shanea Grimes
49) CBC
50) CTV
51) The Weather Network
52) Poutine
53) Michael Shanks (he was raised in Kamloops...from Saving Hope).
54) We Love our Neighhours to the South (and do the West!!)!55) Free from persecution.
56) Freedom of Religion
57) Aaron Lines
58) Bambi Bucket; to assist with Aerial Fire Fighting (Don Arney)
59) The Snow Blower (Arthur Sicard)
60) High Valley (the Canadian Country/Christian band)
61) Beautiful British Columbia
62 Alberta Strong
63) Friendly Manitoba
64) Anne of Green Gables
65) Haida Gwaii
66) My Family's Sheep Ranch/My Hometown (duh!)
67) BC Lamb
68) BC (and Alberta) Beef
69) Calgary Stampede
70) Northern Lights
71) Awesome Atlantic Canada
72) Crazy Quebec (We love you!!!)
73) Maple Syrup
74) Alaska (yes, we should have bought you...just sayin...You're an honourary Canadian)
75) We know how to spell..(centre, colour, Saviour)
76) Northern Nunuvant
77) NWT &Yukon
78) Polar Bears (I mean, where else can you see them??)
79) Okanogan (it's like a little bit of Europe just an hour or so away!!)
80) BC-grown fruits n veggies
 81) (Virgin) Ceaser (the drink, not the ruler; I believe this is better than the Bloody Mary)
82) 5-Pin Bowling
83) The Electric Wheelchair (invented by George Klein)
84) Trivial Pursuit (invented by Chris Haney and Scott Abbott)
85) The Jockstrap (hey, you can't make this stuff up!!!)
86) The Light bulb (some guy actually invented it, and sold it to Edison)
87) Caulking Gun (Lewis Urry)
88) The Jolly Jumper (Olivia Poole)
89) The Modern Plunged Wonderbr* (Louise Poirer)
90) Easy Off Oven Cleaner (Herbet McCool)
91) (Land of the Living) Skies Saskatchewan
92) We are always so friendly, and polite, well with our saying sorry, excuse me and all :)
92) Saving Hope (TV Show)
93) This Hour Has 22 Minutes (TV Show)
94) The Rick Mercer Report (TV Show)
95) Pablum (Frederick Tisdale, Theodore Drake, and Allan Brown)
96) The Paint Roller (Norman James Breakey)
97) The Robertson Screw (P.L. Robertson)
98) Canada Dry Gingerale (John J. McLaughlin)
99) Butter Tarts
100) McIntosh Red Apple (my Favourite kind!!)
101) Instant Mashed Potatoes (Edward Asselbergs)
102) Standard Time (Sanford Fleming; again not born here, but moved and died here)
103) Tim Horton's (Coffee Shop)
104) Canola Oil
105 Jann Arden
106) Rick Mercer (TV Personality)
107) We Thow Great Sporting Events (Olympics, PanAm Games, etc)
108) Gordie Howe
109) Wayne Gretzky
110) Princess Di (ok, she wasn't Canadian, but she was born on July 1..I say close enough!)
111) The Pacific/Atlantic Oceans
112) Victoria (Capital of BC)
113) Our Ethnicity, Diversity and Culture
114) We know on how to throw a great, big party/we know how to celebrate!
115) Tim Hicks (The "Stronger Beer" singer)
116) Our First Nation Community
117) Malin Akerman (wasn't born here, but was raised her...again, close enough)
118) Peanut Butter (the earliest form of it was invented by Marcus Gilmore Edison)
119) CMT Canada (NetWork, and I think they have a Magazine, too)
120) Bordertown (TV Show)
121) Jason Priestley
122) We Open our Arms to Refugees/Immigrants
123) Celine Dion
124) Shania Twain
125) Will Arnett
126) Paul Gross (Actor)
127) There is no Talk of Building a Wall
128) Gord Bamford (I just found out that he was born in Australia, then moved here..funny)
129) George Canyon (Singer)
130) The Amazing Race Canada
131) Canadian Idol
132) You Can't Do That on Television (TV Show)
133) Due South (TV Show)
134) The Beachcombers (TV Show)
135) Danger Bay (TV Show)
136) Vancouver Island
137) SCTV (ok, I never watched this..but it is Canadian)
138) Alanis Morrisette
139) Avril Lavigne
140) ET Canada/E-Talk
141) Corb Lund (Singer)
142) Everyone Comes up Here to Make Movies/TV Series
143) We band together when the going gets tough
144) Kamloops
145) Giacomo Gianniotti (was born in IT, immigrated here; he plays on GA)
146) Most of our Cities are under a Few Million (TO, Van, and MNTRL are exceptions).
147) Red and White!!!
148) Our Anthem is short; easy to learn, and Pretty!!
149) We have great beer (apparently, I never drink beer), and Wine!!


Dan Akroyd
Erica Durance (Actor/producer)
Ricardo (Cooking Show and Magazine)
The Weeknd
The Pacemaker (A couple Canadians and Americans invented it)

Honourable Mentions (not 100% sure about these, thought I would put them in anyway)
Velcro (not sure about this...I have heard different stories)
Zipper (I think the person who invented this was Canadian, but they never sold the patent)

Of course, there are more...but that would defeat the purpose of 149 (I already put a few too many in here). Hope everyone has a wonderful (Canada) Day, and a great Long Weekend!!


                     HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!


Tanya McMann said...

Love this and I love your blog! I'm a fellow Canadian Cat Lady, living abroad.

Tanya McMann said...

Oh y gosh but did you miss Corner Gas? Maybe you have to be from SK to know this was the nest show ever on TV! And Man I can't wait to get home in 2 days for some ketchup chips.

The A Team said...

ARRGH!! How can I have forgotten CG?? LOL :) I could list 149 more, so I had to stop somewhere, but I totally forgot about that!!!

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