Can't We All Just Get Along?

This post won't be long....but my heart hurts for all the violence that has been going on around the world the last couple of weeks...from the TWO attacks in France, to the knife attack in Japan, to the shooting in Edmonton, AB (that was more domestic, but still), the to hostage and priest killing in France, another attack in Germany, and yet another attack in yet ANOTHER night club shooting in FL, and yet another in LA, and yest ANOTHER in TX!! Heck, there was even a shooting in our town, a few streets down from us! And those are what we hear about...there are countless others don't even make the news. I won't go into the why's or maybe's of why they are all use in talking about the political or religious reasons, either. I will say, that this makes me long for heaven! I don't understand why we just can't get along? Can't we put aside our differences, and just be? Why do we have to # hashtag certain movements, all in the name of bringing awareness...which, really, is all in the name of peace? Why must we hold rallies, and walk for peace? I am glad that I live in Canada. No, we are not immune to violence IN THE LEAST, but there are WAY less mass acts of violence in Canada, then there are in other parts of the world. But, I am sure we see these acts of violence in the not so distance future. Let's not forget the RCMP officers that were killed in Moncton, NB, a couple of years ago. Did I mention that I cannot wait for heaven?


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