Friday Things

 Happy Friday! I hope that everyone had a good week!!! Ours was BUSY!!! Here's why:

Back to work:
I started back to work on Tuesday. It feels odd to be back after 5 months, but kind of nice, too. I am slowly working back up to 12 hours (when I work my wknds).

VBS/Ministering with Hubby/Other People:
The BIG part of why I was so busy this week, was that hubby and I helped with VBS. It was SO FUN, but SO BUSY...coupled in with other things that I had to do. It was a great week, and I think that I will do a post just on VBS alone; it was that good!! At any rate...I don't remember the last time that I did church ministered with Anker...probably the last VBS, which was in 2011. I love that we not only did the work bees together (he went a few times alone, but mostly, we were together, with others), but we also went together (almost) every day this last week! He ended up doing the lighting, which was a last minute thing, and I think he had fun. I love that we had this week together...a memory, something to talk about, etc. That goes the same for ministering with others. It has been awhile since I have done anything like that...I haven't done Sunday School in ages...nor have I done any other church ministry in awhile...and I loved working and serving along side others. You really get to know someone better while/when doing that.

Little Brother's Grad:
My little brother is graduating from HS (home-education) this wknd. I am not 100% sure that we are able to make it, as I am working this wknd (just a few hours each day), and it is juuuuust a little too far to for a few hours in/and just one day. We shall see, though.

New Pastor:
Our new pastor is coming this Sunday! I already met his kids (and saw him again) on Tuesday, and his first official Sunday is this Sunday. Sadly, we probably won't be there, due to either my working, or being out at my parents'.

Stuff selling on the bidding sites:
 A few of my items have been selling on some of the bidding sites the last couple of weeks. Not for a ton of money, mind you, buuut a few bucks here and there.

I also found out that I a featured blogger on Bright on a Budget , which I sadly just found out a few minutes ago!!! I guess that is what I get for not doing email on my I hope that it isn't too late...buuut if it is, at least my link is up on her blog :)

....AND, I have been a very good girl and not bought any expensive magazines...and I even found a few new ones at the library today!!! I did, however, went to a free money seminar, and bought a book about money. #adulting

....a new follower. I am at 35 now! I am still waiting for Ellen's call :)

....Hubs and I just watched Zootopia, and I actually really liked it! I really loved Shakira's song...TRY EVERYTHING!! Love it!!!

....I just noticed a few minutes ago that the pages on FB have changed...ugh...annoying!!! #firstworldproblems


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