Five (Eight!!) on Monday!!

Happy Monday, Friends!!! I hope everyone had a great wknd!!

Here are my 5 for the wk:

Aunty Time:

I got to spend some time with H on Tuesday. His dad wrecked his ankle while playing soccer (again, it just goes to show that playing sports is not worth it!!!), and his mum called me and asked me if I could take H for a bit. I was already meeting up my friend with her two boys, so it was perfect. We spent an hour in the park, then we went to the library. It was a fun couple of hours.

Downtown Time:

I had to drop something off downtown, and since I had to pay for parking, I thought I might as well wander around for a bit. It was super fun!!! The Downtown Merchant's Market is this wknd, and I hope go for a bit. I love our downtown!!

New Hair Cut:

I was sick and tired of my hair; it still feeling too hot, despite my getting it cut shorter a couple of months back, and the way may hair looked, so I cut it, again...:) I love it!!!

New Starbucks Drink:

Yes, I caved, and I went to Starbucks on Friday (or, whenever it was). I had their Very Berry Hisbiscus Sangria Refresher, bc I had had a sample of it the day before (I was there for my free drink), and it was really good. I am not sure that I liked it as well as I did the other day, but it was still good. FYI: I have actually been pretty good in not spending as much fun money...not going for coffee as much, not buying magazines...ok, I have said I have been sort of good...I haven't said I was


New Pastor:

He started officially on Sunday, and his sermon was awesome! He challenged us to read more of God's word, to pray, and to reach out to others. Like, really challenges us. It made both of us think and talk about it. His wife even remembered me (we are friends on FB, but still..she remembered my name), and she gave me a hug :) That made me feel special.

Popcorn Twists:

Yes, more than 5 this week...that's a good thing, right? I am loving popcorn twists. Too much. Like, I- may-have-eaten-a-full-large-bag-in-two-sittings-much.

Back To Routine:

I am actually happy to be back to work. I am really surprised at that, and I know that it is God!!! I am happy that I am back to a routine (whatever that is, when you work shift And the money is nice, too. That being said, I have written a list of things that I need to do this, and is gonna be busy :)


Apart from my being happy at being back to work, I am so happy on what God is doing with Anker! He is coming to church, and he is talking more about God again, and seems actually happy when talking about doing things for the church. I am SO HAPPY! I know that there will be Good/God things in store for us!!!

Yes, it's 8 sue me!!! :)

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