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Happy Friday, y'all!!! It is actually my Sunday, and it's my Sunday after my I am kind of bummed about that. Oh well...can't really complain, as I have had a wonderful 11 days off!!!

Here are my 5 faves for this week....

Probably the biggest news/fave of the week, is that we got a new cat. Yes, we broke down, and after A LOT of talking, when we got a line on a free 4 yr old, spayed, and vaccinated kitty, we decided to jump on it. Her name is Calico (her name she came with, which I think we will keep), and is SO sweet, and beautiful. We got her on Tuesday, so this is her 4th day with us. She likes to hide-A LOT-, but last night, she came out on her own, and stayed out until we went to bed. She still likes to hide, at night, and hasn't taken to sleeping in our bed (which is fine with/by me, since she is so fluffy), nor will she sleep in her scratch post bed, but at least she is less shy.


I made a new friend yesterday. I was at Starbucks (something I wasn't planning on doing, but ended up going there anyway), and my friend saw me and sat down, and mentioned that she was meeting her boss' wife there as well. We three ended up talking for over an hour! She is so nice. We are friends on Facebook, and texting friends :)


I/we have had some yummy food this week. I didn't take pictures of everything we ate, but, here are two of them...
 Helmut Sausage, chipotle yam fries, and our own beans. Yummy!! Helmut is a company who/that makes sausages in Vernon, BC (two hours away), and hubby was told about them, from a friend, and they are really good!
Waffles, and (I think) BC fruit. Nectarines and strawberries. I topped it with Summerland Sweets syrup. Yesterday morning, I had a similar breakfast, with blueberries. Yum!

I also made some sort of chicken taco salad c**p which didn't taste very good. I actually couldn't eat all of mine. I think I added too many weird ingredients to the chicken. The salsa I made was good, though. While grocery shopping over the weekend, I came across some pork bones for $2. I thought I could pretend they were ribs. They actually tasted pretty good. I had fries, and our beans again. Which reminds me, I have some leftover..maybe I will have them for lunch :)

I have had LOTS of downtime since coming back from Victoria. Too much. Ha! I did manage to do a bit of cleaning, though, so that makes me happy. I am SO NOT ready to go back to work tomorrow. But, back to work I must :)


I got to to Skype with my sister on Sunday. I haven't Skyped with her in awhile, and it was great to "see" her again. We chatted for an hour or so, which was great. She is doing so great in Far, Far Away.

That's all for this week. As usual, I have a few posts mulling around in my head. Not sure if I will get to them all before tomorrow (if at all), but I will try.

Happy Friday, friends, and have a great wknd!

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What a sweet kitty! We have two and love them. They're outside cats and are the perfect mixture of tame and mousers!
The A Team said…
Thanks for stopping by! I love visitors! This one is strictly an indoor kitty. She has a toy mouse, though!!

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