Post 100!!

I finally am having a few more people looking at my blog! That is exciting! Today was a bit of a blah day. I DID get some studying done, though, which was good. I spent most of the day at St@rbucks with my laptop and books. I don't know what it is about this semester, but I am just very blah. It isn't just me, either. A lot of the others in my class are feeling the same thing. I don't mind going to school. That is the fun part. It is DOING the homework that seems so hard. On Tuesday evenings, we have most of the day off, and in the evening, we go and take a computer class assoicated with our prgrm. I am having a hard time with it, as we only have one day to learn, and the next week, we have to do the assignment. Today, I had SUCH a hard time doing it. I had a TON of being slow, messing things up...and it wasnt just me, either. The others were having the same sort of problems. Oh well...I got a B on my assignment from the last computer prgrm that we did (we do three all together). Today in general was just a blah day. I got my period last night/this morning. That is twice in ONE month (granted, it was't early..stupid long month!!). I also had my ultrasound for my on again, off again oh so lovely cysts that have been forming. I have been feeling ok (regarding them) for the most part, so I am not anticpating a problem.

Just a short one tonight....I want to talk about friendships..the kinds of friends that every women needs. I read an article in Redb00k a while back, and it talked about the kinds of frienships that we as women need. One of them that it talked about was having a younger friend. I actually thought this was ridiculous, as most of the time, younger people and I don't have a lot of things in common. However, these past couple of years that has proved to be wrong. IN the usmmer, when I took my English upgrading, I met a girl L, who was/is very nice, and we got along. We met a few times over the summer, and we texted back and forth even more. We have one class together, and we always seem to have a lot to talk about and connect fairly well. We are VERY different, but we always have some laughs, and generally have a good time.

This past fall, when my course started, there were A LOT of younger people in the course. There are a few of us that are "older" people there, and I have connected with those as well, but there was one in particular that I really connected with. We are so very different, but always have a lot of fun together. I love hanging out with her. When a bunch of us get together, we always laugh and have a good old time. The point is that even though they are younger than me, we (esp my one friend) age doesn;t seem to make a difference. So, the point being, it is good to have younger friends. They often have a different point of view, can make a person feel young, are usually not as stressed out with life, etc. I have very few friends that are my EXACT age (actually, really only one), certainly no one my own age that doesn't have any kids. A lot of my friends are older, or younger, or not Christian (which is great, but it is nice to have Christian friends in my life). Just because people are in the same demographic as you, it doesn't mean that they will make a good friend.


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